The Blemish-Blitzing Product That Gigi Hadid Swears By

There are many treatments we've used for blemishes and spots in the past. When we were teenagers, it was toothpaste (we'd never use that now but you know, needs must sometimes), then as we got older we used the prevention method of ensuring our skincare routine was top-notch. 

Sometimes, however, you just can't avoid a breakout. Whether that's because you're stressed out, you've not been so good at avoiding the old junk food or your hormones are playing up, a blemish or two can literally rear its ugly head. Often we look to celebrities to see which wonder products they use, as they quite often have to ensure that their skin is looking in its best condition and can't afford to have breakouts.

Of course, on the top of our list of A-list skin we'd like have is Gigi Hadid's. Her complexion is always amazing, so we can't quite believe that she'd ever suffer from a spot or two. But turns out we were wrong. When Hadid gets a zit, she has one sure-fire way to get rid of the offending problem and she's just shared it with Glamour magazine. Not only is it available in the UK, it's also affordable—just what we like to hear.

Keep scrolling to see how to use the product as well as where you can get your hands on it right now.

Raymond Hall /Getty Images

The product in question is none other than Sarah Chapman's Spot Stickers. In her interview with Glamour, Hadid revealed how she was introduced to the product: "The make-up artist Wendy Rowe gave me these pimple patches from Sarah Chapman. I use them at night and they really are amazing at healing blemishes."

Other Sarah Chapman Skinesis fans include Victoria Beckham, Naomi Watts and Jourdan Dunn—just some other A-listers who have incredible skin, so we know you'll be taking note and snapping up this product immediately. And if you want to ensure you use them correctly, check out the how-to video below. 

Sarah Chapman Spot Stickers $22

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