This Clay Mask Already Has 1000-Person Waiting List

Sand and Sky Purifying Pink Clay Mask Review

When an email drops into my inbox telling me that a product has more than 1000 people waiting to get their hands on it, of course I'm going to be interested. The product in question was a face mask by cult Australian brand Sand & Sky. The brand was launched by twin sisters Emily and Sarah Hamilton, and it has steadily built up a mass following nearly 500k followers on Instagram (a surefire way to tell if a brand is popular).

Sand & Sky Purifying Pink Clay Mask Review
Sand & Sky Purifying Pink Clay Mask $40

Just days after its release, it amassed a waitlist of 1000 people, after selling 50,000 units in eight weeks worldwide. The brand also garnered loads of positive reviews online, with reports that "92% of customers saw immediate results" and "83% agreed their skin was visibly cleansed and purified."

So other than the fact it clearly has a lot of hype around it, why should we care about the mask? According to the official site, it is an "infused pink clay mask" that can be used as an instant detox mask to help tighten pores and boost radiance.

After finding out all of this, I decided that to really experience the mask, I would have to make an evening of it. So, I settled down with an episode of Game of Thrones ready to give my skin some R&R. I figured I'd need something to help me relax while watching something so stressful.

On clean skin (so post–makeup removal), I used the cute paintbrush to apply it. Unlike a lot of clay masks, it didn't just come out in clumps. Instead, it pleasingly went on smoothly, not to mention it's a gorgeous pink color (yep, I'm a millennial).

Almost as soon as I'd applied it, the mask started to dry, but it didn't make my face feel tight, which was good considering the directions say to leave it on for 10 minutes. Once the time was up, I removed with warm water and revealed a face that looked brighter and refreshed. Throughout the following day, my skin felt softer and I didn't even need to use foundation, just a touch of concealer. Take that, mega-emotional GOT finale.

Opening images: Sand & Sky.

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