Is Your Salt Spray Secretly Ruining Your Hair?


Urban Outfitters

Ever since Bumble and Bumble launched its OG Surf Spray ($27) in 2001, salt spray has become a perennial staple in our summer beauty arsenal, along with SPF and waterproof mascara. The fact that we can get surf-ready waves in a matter of seconds without braving beach traffic? That alone probably makes it one of the top five beauty inventions ever.

And yet it's started to gain a bit of notoriety over the past year or two, as some experts argue that dousing our strands with salt on a regular basis can actually exacerbate summer damage. This contrary view has been enough to foster in an entire new market of texturizing sprays, which feature sugar as the main ingredient instead.

So is that it? Should we shelve our beloved sea mists forever? Do sugar sprays actually get the same results? We asked some experts to clear things up.

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