Reviewed: Salt by Hendrix’s Eye Babe Oil Has Me Hooked

salt by hendrix eye babe oil

Salt by Hendrix

If you want your concealer to look skin-like and your eyeshadow to blend flawlessly, it’s important to keep the sensitive area around your eyes well-hydrated. Before I realized I needed to add eye creams and oils to my everyday skincare routine, I was dealing with patchy concealer and dark circles issues I couldn't resolve. Enter: Salt by Hendrix’s Eye Babe Oil—an effective but gentle eye oil housed in an adorable light blue bottle. It's a plant-based oil enriched with vitamin C and a blend of rosehip, argan, and jojoba oils.

The main difference I’ve found between this eye oil and using a regular facial oil is that it absorbs into my skin evenly and quickly and doesn’t cause my eyes to sting like some oils I’ve used around my eyes in the past. Eye Babe also doesn’t sit and feel heavy on my top eyelids, like traditional facial oils tends to feel on me.

Since it works great for both layering under my makeup and complimenting my usual makeup routine, I’ve been dabbing this product both in the AM and PM for about six months.

Salt by Hendrix Eye Babe Oil

Star Rating: 4/5

Price: $32 

Best For: All skin types  

Uses: Nourish and hydrate dry or dark under-eye areas and help prevent fine lines and wrinkles

About the brand: Salt by Hendrix is an Australian plant-based botanical skincare brand.

salt by hendrix eye babe eye treatment oil
Salt by Hendrix Eye Babe Oil $32.00

About my skin: Combination with dry patches

I get dry, flakey texture around my eyelids and orbital bone if I slack on my moisturizer at any point in the week. So, I do my best to focus on hydrating that area as much as I can. The directions recommend using Eye Babe both morning and night, and I’ve come to use the oil about two to three times a week in the morning and every night before bed.

I add one drop of product onto my pinky or ring finger and dab gently around the eye area. I massage any leftover oil along my temples or cheekbones, as it leaves a sheen that’s the perfect base for highlighter.

The Feel: Lightweight and easy to blend

This blended oil has a light consistency that I find easy to work with. In the event I’ve added too, it’s really easy to distribute the extra oil down to my cheekbones and temples to massage into the skin. Eye Babe absorbs quickly into the skin and is lightweight enough to layer under concealer, foundation, and eyeshadows in addition to eye creams and serums. 

Right now, I’ve integrated the Eye Babe into a skincare routine that includes the Laniege Eye Sleep Mask and Versed’s Skin Soak.

salt by hendrix eye babe oil dropper
Salt by Hendrix

Similar Products: You have options

Kora Organics Noni Radiant Eye Oil: This eye oil is certified organic and contains a blend of hydrating oils like rosehip to avocado. Other ingredients including marine bamboo and caffeine extracts work to ease puffiness and deep dark circles. 

Uma Absolute Anti-Aging Eye Oil: Free of parabens and synthetic fragrances, this formula can be used morning and night to prevent or improve fine lines. Gently dab around your eye area before applying makeup or as part of your nighttime skincare routine.

The Results: Moisturized and de-puffed eyes

I’ve been using Eye Babe for about six months, but within days I found it really effective—it keeps those pesky white flakes around my eyes, forehead, and cheeks at bay. After a few months, I started using my jade roller with it at night, resulting in an overall reduction in puffiness around my eyes. There’s been a slight reduction in my dark circles, but this can vary based on genetics and lifestyle choices (i.e. staying up late, drinking, etc).

The Value: Worth it

At $32, this bottle has lasted me for over six months and is still going strong. Considering the fact that the product can last you a very long time (again, one drop is more than enough for both eyes) and the Instagram-worth packaging, I think the price is reasonable for what you get. Plus, it works great for both morning and night since it plays well with makeup and other skincare products like moisturizers and face mists.

Our Verdict: Try it

If you’re looking for an oil dedicated and designed to be used for your eyes, it’s worth giving Eye Babe a try.

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