This New Nail Polish Is Actually Good for Your Nails—and It's Drugstore

Most beauty experts and fans alike will agree that it's best to give your nails a breather every couple of manicures—the chemicals in most lacquers can be rough on your fingers, and overdoing it can lead to dryness, yellowing, and other less-than-sightly issues. But we can also understand that if you're addicted to the polished look (so to speak) of a great manicure, it can be exceedingly tough to choose between your beloved lacquer and superior nail health. (And if it's an event-heavy couple of months? All bets are off.)

Well, leave it to Sally Hansen to eliminate the dilemma altogether. The beloved drugstore brand's latest collection fuses nail treatment with color, so every formula conditions and repairs nails as you wear it. Nail polish that's actually good for our nails? Also, why has this taken so long to become a thing?

Keep reading to get your first look at the collection.