Skincare Bootcamp: Eat Your Way to Better Skin

Sakara Life

While a good sheet mask and exfoliant are easy ways to quickly brighten and revive tired skin, I've always noticed my complexion is at its best when I'm eating a healthy diet. Instead of being reactive with my skincare approach and waiting until it's dull and dry to take action, I decided to test Sakara Life's plant-based delivery service for a complexion overhaul, aiming to treat my skin from the inside out.

This nutrient-rich, clean-eating program is full of healthy fats, plant-based proteins, and sulfur-rich veggies that help to detox and revive your body. Not only did I experience a flatter stomach thanks to the gut-friendly ingredients, but my normal slew of stress-induced acne faded and I wasn't hit with a new batch in its place. The result? Clear skin, a better night's sleep (resulting in virtually no unseemly under-eye bags) and a natural glow that can only be achieved after feeding your body plenty of nutrient-dense foods. Shop the meal plans and products I'm swearing by for better skin below.

Sakara Life 3 Day Meal Program $239

Not ready to fully commit? Start by receiving breakfast, lunch, and dinner for three days. 

Sakara Life 3 Day Breakfast and Lunch Program $139

If you're on-top of your dinner game but find it difficult to make time for breakfast and lunch, feel free to customize your 3-day plan to just breakfast and lunch for a discounted rate. 

Sakara Life 5 Day Lunch Program $129

An editor-favorite, we love customizing the meal plan to receive 5-days of lunches for the work week.

Sakara Life 5 Day Meal Program $349

If you're ready to fully commit and start reaping the benefits, opt for the five-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivery.  

Sakara Life Beauty Chocolates $45

Any program that encourages chocolate is the plan for me. Plus, these bite-size treats are packed with collagen to make your skin glow even more. 

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