Skincare Bootcamp: Eat Your Way to Better Skin


Sakara Life 

While a good sheet mask and exfoliant are easy ways to quickly brighten and revive tired skin, I've always noticed my complexion is at its best when I'm eating a healthy diet. Instead of being reactive with my skincare approach and waiting until it's dull and dry to take action, I decided to test Sakara Life's plant-based delivery service for a complexion overhaul, aiming to treat my skin from the inside out.

This nutrient-rich, clean-eating program is full of healthy fats, plant-based proteins, and sulfur-rich veggies that help to detox and revive your body. Not only did I experience a flatter stomach thanks to the gut-friendly ingredients, but my normal slew of stress-induced acne faded and I wasn't hit with a new batch in its place. The result? Clear skin, a better night's sleep (resulting in virtually no unseemly under-eye bags) and a natural glow that can only be achieved after feeding your body plenty of nutrient-dense foods. Shop the meal plans and products I'm swearing by for better skin below.


Not ready to fully commit? Start by receiving breakfast, lunch, and dinner for three days. 


If you're on-top of your dinner game but find it difficult to make time for breakfast and lunch, feel free to customize your 3-day plan to just breakfast and lunch for a discounted rate. 


An editor-favorite, we love customizing the meal plan to receive 5-days of lunches for the work week.


If you're ready to fully commit and start reaping the benefits, opt for the five-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivery.  


Any program that encourages chocolate is the plan for me. Plus, these bite-size treats are packed with collagen to make your skin glow even more.