Saie's New Lip Blur Made Me a Matte Lipstick Convert

It's just that good.

Saie Lip blur product shot and on-model

Saie/Amanda Ross

Let it be known: I am not the same person I was last month, because last month was summer. Regardless of social structures like “calendars” and “linear time," fall starts September 1—and that means a full morph into Autumnal Amanda, complete with an updated beauty routine. Thank you for your service, dewy-finish everything, but it's time for me to move on. Like those first falling leaves, the first signal that autumn is underway is the resurgence of matte lips, taking the place of summer-friendly textures like oils and glosses. And there might be no better place to start than with Saie's new Lip Blur Soft-Matte Hydrating Lipstick ($24), an ideal blend of wearable moisture and soft color with a sophisticated finish. Newly arrived in six fall-friendly shades, it's an exciting harbinger of everything to come this season.

The Product

If beauty brands fell into TikTok categories, you could definitely file Saie under the "that girl" tab. Saie was founded by a beauty world veteran who'd put in years of work for industry power players and major media outlets before realizing just how needed a truly clean makeup brand was—just look at Saie's notoriously length ingredient blacklist. Since its debut, Saie's immediately identifiable, minimalist approach to fresh-faced cosmetics has won over celebrities like Mandy Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow, along with what feels like the rest of the internet.

The just-launched Lip Blur is only the second lip product in the line after a nourishing balm-gloss hybrid, and it might be the most highly demanded, too. Consider it a matte lipstick for people who hate matte lipstick—layers of hydrating oils totally mitigate dryness while the buildable pigment was made for stress-free reapplication. Arguably the best part, though, is the gentle blur effect it gives lips, obfuscating fine lines and discoloration while making you feel like you're in a John Singer Sargent painting.

The Formula

Like all Saie products, the magic is in the ingredients that founder Laney Crowell carefully selects. In the case of the new Lip Blur, the light filtering effect comes courtesy of berry fruit wax which acts like an all-natural primer. Hyaluronic acid, the gold standard in moisture retention, helps lips appear slightly plumper while olive oil and jojoba esters add hydration and shine. The five distinct colorways are universally flattering and all fall-perfect, including muted dusty rose, warm terracotta, and a bold, distinct true red.

My Review

Woman wearing Saie Lip Blur

Amanda ROss

You know the aforementioned matte lipstick hater? That's usually me. Something about the drier, more precise nature of a true matte lip feels constricting, and I usually opt for something more satin-y. That said, though, there is something undeniably sophisticated, adult, timeless, and distinctly fall-ish about a matte lip. The first time I tried the Saie Lip Blur, what struck me immediately was just how comfortable it felt on. This didn't feel like the waxy prison of other matte lipsticks I've tried, and the colors were so beautiful and PSL-adjacent in shade that they spoke for themselves (I'm wearing Dada here). The Lip Blur didn't last longer (or wear off any sooner, for that matter) than other lipsticks, but the application was so easy that it didn't matter. The product didn't cake or pill at all, even after a few layers of reapplication. By the end of my trial, I had the feeling this will become a legacy product for Saie and promptly spent 20 minutes dreaming of new colors.

Saie Lip Blur Lipstick
Saie Lip Blur Soft-Matte Hydrating Lip Color $24.00

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