Saie's New Concealer Expertly Blurs, Brightens, and Hydrates With Just a Few Dots

We tried the brand's latest and greatest.

Saie Concealer


TBH: Concealers are the backbone of our makeup arsenal. They're the go-to when you stayed out a bit too late, have an unexpected breakout, or need a bit of extra help to cover redness. Typically they arrive with a built-in applicator and only require a teeny-tiny bit to conceal anything that's bothering you. In other words: they are magic in a bottle. The only problem? Concealer formulas are finicky, which makes it hard to find one that doesn't cake or dry out your skin.

Thankfully, Saie, the brand behind the cult-favorite Slip Tint, has answered our prayers with their newest launch: the Hydrabeam Concealer ($26). The brand's newest addition not only conceals just about everything but also brightens and blurs, too. Curious to find out more? We thought so. Keep reading to find out all the details on the new concealer.

Saie Concealer
Saie Hydrabeam Brightening + Hydrating Under Eye Concealer $26.00

The Product

Released just in time for late summer nights spent out and about, the brand's new concealer can be worn alone or underneath your favorite foundation. Available in nine versatile shades (ranging from one, a fair shade for lighter undertones, to nine, a darker shade for rich undertones), it's brightening, blurring, smoothing, and hydrating. Its sheer shade range allows it to work on a barrage of skin types since it blends really seamlessly—and it won't crease or settle into lines.

Saie is known for its skincare-slash-makeup hybrid approach to products, so naturally, the brand's concealer will provide you with long-term skincare benefits (like firming and brightening) with each use. Its formula is also lightweight and made with a creamy, whipped gel texture, so you'll barely feel it on your skin. Plus, it can conceal everything ranging from dark circles to blemishes to wrinkles. Also nice: It blurs expertly, delivering a dewy, radiant finish.

The Formula

Unlike traditional concealers, Saie's concealer is not cakey or drying on the skin in large part due to its star-studded formula. Hydrating saviors like olive-derived squalane, plant-derived glycerin, tomato extract, and cucumber extract, to name a few, help deliver that perfect, blendable finish.

Together, the ingredients are known to work cumulatively to brighten, smooth, plump, lock in moisture, and protect with antioxidants. As you wear it, the active ingredients (like tomato and cucumber extract) will work to not only give you short-term wear, but also skincare benefits.

How to Use It

To apply, use the built-in cone applicator. Swipe it onto the skin and gently dab the product until it melts into the skin. It's worth noting that less is more with the concealer—and a maximum of three dots is enough per section. The brand advises pairing it with Slip Tint ($35) and Airset ($30) to achieve it's full effect.

Madeline Hirsch, Byrdie Editor trying saie concealer

Madeline Hirsch

The Review

"I have two requirements for my concealer. First, a wide shade range is of the utmost importance. My complexion is pale and cool-toned, which is sometimes a difficult combo to find, and being a sheer foundation girl, I care deeply about how it blends into my skin tone. Second, I'm looking for enough coverage to conceal my under-eyes without any camera flashback (I've said goodbye to my fair share of concealers thanks to a cakey-looking photo) or creasing.

"On both of these fronts, Saie delivers. I love how seamlessly it blends with my favorite skin tints, and it boasts full coverage without any cracking or creasing. The formula also just feels good: fresh and lightweight to the touch. I prefer to apply this concealer with a damp beauty blender, but I've also used my fingers for a similar effect in a pinch." - Madeline Hirsch, Byrdie News Director

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