We Tried Saie's "Glow Sculpt" Tinted Highlighter and Now We Have Cheekbones

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Byrdie Editors

Holly Rhue / Bella Cacciatore / Jasmine Phillips

There are some brands you can always count on to deliver interesting, innovative products. Saie is one of them. Since launching in 2019, the buzzy makeup line has consistently released products that have become cult favorites. The Glowy Super Skin Foundation, Hydrabeam Concealer, and Lip Blurare just a few that Team Byrdie routinely sings the praises of. 

To no surprise, Saie is continuing its streak of attention-grabbing launches with the debut of Glow Sculpt. Inspired by the Saie community's desire for a multi-purpose product that can be used everywhere, Glow Sculpt combines the beauty of blush and highlighter into one compact. As soon as this launch landed on our desks, we were eager to swipe it on. Ahead, learn more about Saie's blush-highlighter hybrid.

The Product

model holding saie glow sculpt


Glow Sculpt is a triple threat—it acts as a blush, highlighter, and sculpting product. You can apply it anywhere—from your cheeks to your eyes—and it'll leave your skin with a flush of color, a dash of radiance, and a lifted look. The product is available in five shades—bronzeglow, mauveglow, peachglow, pinkglow, and quartzglow—designed to work with all undertones. Another cool thing about Glow Sculpt? It's Saie's first refillable product. The compact has a refillable aluminum pan that you can easily pop out and replace.

Product Picks

The Formula 

Glow Sculpt is loaded with hydrating, nourishing ingredients to ensure your skin remains comfortable while you wear it. First, there's the Saie Fatty Acid Complex, which contains soothing sunflower seed oil, kukui oil, and maracuja oil. This formula also contains the hydration hero hyaluronic acid, which locks moisture into the skin, and konjac root (glucomannan), a prebiotic that helps keep the skin microbiome balanced.

How to Use It

Glow Sculpt is best applied with a brush. In fact, Saie designed The Double Brush to make it easy to apply Glow Sculpt. It's a dual-ended brush that can be used on your cheeks and eyes. Use the large end of the brush on your cheekbones and the small end for precise application on areas like your eyelids, cupid's bow, or the bridge of your nose.

Our Reviews 

Jasmine Phillips, social editor

Jasmine Phillips, social editor

Jasmine Phillips

I can always count on Saie Beauty to deliver the glowy products I crave, and their new Glow Sculpt is no different. Not only is the formula buildable and super easy to blend seamlessly into my skin, but it also has hyaluronic acid and kukui oil to hydrate and nourish the skin. I love that you can apply this product almost anywhere on your face for a non-chalky, healthy glow. I did have to add an extra layer throughout the day because it seemed to fade a little faster than I’d like, but overall, I do see myself using this highlighter regularly.

Olivia Hancock, editor

Byrdie editor Olivia Hancock

Olivia Hancock

I love multi-purpose products, so Glow Sculpt is right up my alley. I applied Peachglow to my cheeks and the creases of my eye and was immediately impressed by the pigment and radiance it delivered. Glow Sculpt adds a beautiful soft flush of color to my skin, but the product is buildable. Beyond color payoff, this blush-highlighter definitely enhanced my glow. The fine micropearl pigments catch light beautifully, and made me look incredibly illuminated when I stood in the sun. Bottom line: Glow Sculpt is a winner in my book, and I predict I'll be reaching for it a ton.

Holly Rhue, associate editorial director

Holly Rhue, associate editorial director

Holly Rhue

This is one of the most intense highlighters I've ever tried, and I absolutely love it. (On my skin tone, the shade Pinkglow is more of a true highlighter than a blush highlighter.) It's perfect for that wet-skin, see-me-from-space look that is so on trend for summer. The melty, balmy texture makes this foolproof to apply, too. My only caveat is that there's some texture to this product—that's what makes it so dimensional and light-reflective—so it definitely exaggerated the dry skin patches on areas like my nose. 

Bella Cacciatore, news editor

Bella Cacciatore, news editor

Bella Cacciatore

Blush is my favorite beauty product ever, and Saie's cream blushes are in my top five, so I had high expectations for these. After trying them, I think they're nice to have around but not totally necessary. I wish they delivered more on the pigment front since I love a shimmery blush (I really loaded it on for this pic), but it's more like a highlighter with a pink tint than a shimmery blush. I do love the way it looked patted across my eyes, as it really brought out the green, and I may have to make coral eyeshadow a summer staple. This product really shines as a makeup refresher—just a bit on my cheeks brought my crusty foundation back to life in seconds.

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