Sadie Sink Now Has an '80s Schullet Haircut

It's confirmed.

Sadie Sink with long hair


When it comes to hair goals, Sadie Sink has undoubtedly been at the top our list ever since we spotted her on Stranger Things. The actress rarely ever shies away from her long copper tresses and usually styles them into the perfect effortless waves. Until now, that is—Sink just made a drastic hair change and debuted a new "shullet."

Speculation about Sink's haircut has been flying for weeks, with fans catching a glimpse of her short hair in a viral TikTok and in a cockpit selfie posted by Croatia Airlines, but we had yet to see a clear photo. On May 16, however, Sink’s hairstylist Tommy Buckett posted a photo of the star’s new shullet cut. In the photo, she’s wearing a black leather jacket with its collar popped (very cool), and the photo shows that Sink’s copper hair reaches just below the nape of her neck. Later on, Buckett posted another shot of Sink to his stories for a closer look at the various layers in her hair, starting just below the crown.

Sadie Sink's new short haircut


Buckett’s photos only show the back of Sink’s hairstyle; the aforementioned viral photo and video confirm that the front of Sink’s hair is combed back with tons of volume at the roots.

 Sadie Sink's shullet hair with the word "sadie" written as a caption


Ever since rockers popularized the hairstyle in the 1960s, the mullet has been synonymous with grungy styles, and Sink’s new look is rocker-girl-chic through and through. The shullet is a moniker for “shaggy mullet,” and is a modern take on the traditional mullet, offering a softer edge to the that can feel light as air.

Like with any alt hairstyle, you’ll want to find a hairdresser who is a pro at nailing funky cuts. That may be the hardest part of your shullet journey, though, as styling this cut every day is simple. "This length is great for finer textures and hair that can lack natural volume," Virtue ambassador and celebrity hairstylist, Rena Calhoun, previously told Byrdie.  Calhoun recommends first prepping the hair with a volumizing primer, "focusing on the top and front sections. Round brush with over direction to create as much volume as needed. To finish, apply a lightweight pomade on your hands and fingers and run it through gently, away from the face."

And there you have it—a shullet so good, it took the Internet by storm before Sink’s glam team even had a chance to post about it.

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