Sabrina Carpenter Just Wore Liquid Silver Nails on the Red Carpet

It's giving molten metal.

Sabrina Carpenter


The Vanity Fair Oscars after party was ripe with talent, as Oscars winners celebrated their success and A-listers trickled in. Sabrina Carpenter was one of the many stars to join the party after the award show was over and stepped onto the red carpet with a gorgeous silver chrome manicure and a Middle Ages-chic dress.

Carpenter stepped onto the red carpet wearing a Paco Rabanne dress that looked like a medieval dream. The dress features long sleeves and a scoop neckline on the completely sheer top section, which sharply switches to a flowing white skirt at the star’s waistline. The skirt has a v-shape at the top, creating a faux-corset shape in the dress, and has ruching in the front to accentuate Carpenter’s shape.

sabrina carpenter

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Sure, the girlies of the Middle Ages weren’t wearing sheer dresses, but the ruby-, emerald-, sapphire-, and diamond-encrusted details on the neckline, bust, and cuffs of her dress gives it a sort of royal flair. There were a few silver tassels hanging off the neckline and cuffs that made the entire look scream King Arthur-chic. Her stylist, Jason Bolden, didn’t have to do much with a dress this fab, but still accessorized with a silver initial ring that reads “S.C.” and a silver hardware bag.

To align with the silver tones in her dress and accessories, Carpenter wore a true silver chrome manicure on her medium-length almond-shaped nails. Her mani doesn’t have any extra details like gems or sparkles and is silver chrome from the cuticle to the end, making her nails appear to be coated in molten metal.

Sabrina Carpenter silver nails at the Vanity Fair party

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Now, this seems like a hard manicure to replicate, but it’s actually one of the easiest nail looks to do. First, you’ll want to apply a base coat to clean and prep nails, following that with black nail polish. After that, rub a silver chrome nail powder onto each nail bed until you’ve achieved a true silver finish. Top the look off with a high-shine top coat, and you’re done.

To amp up her princess-from-centuries-past vibes, Carpenter wore her usual blown-out hair along with baby curtain bangs. She finished the glam with mauve glossy lips and sharp winged liner.

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