Sabrina Carpenter's "Fairy" French Manicure Is a Shimmery Take on a Classic

Tinker Bell would approve.

Sabrina Carpenter in a black outfit


Sabrina Carpenter is always one to put her signature cute touch on even the most glam of looks. Usually, this means pairing her casual outfits with floral details, accessorizing her tour looks with hair bows, or opting for a heart-shaped dress on the red carpet. Her latest cutesy touch was her “fairy" French manicure, which she paired with a super slinky dress.

Carpenter shared a series of BTS photos for Charlie Puth’s “That’s Not How This Works” music video, wherein she plays Puth’s love interest. She wore a completely backless silky Blumarine dress with a plunging cowl neck that ends by her waist. Her stylist, Jared Ellner, accessorized the star with a few standout diamond pieces like a fringey necklace, rings, and earrings.

Sabrina Carpenter wearing a blue low-cut dress and a fairy French manicure


If you look closely, you'll see Carpenter's "fairy" French manicure, created by nail artist Zola Ganzorigt. Carpenter’s nails sat at a naturally grown-out length with a rounded edge and feature a nude "glazed" base. Yet, this isn’t like the other glazed manicures Ganzorigt has concocted for celebs since first inventing the manicure in 2022. A usual glazed manicure creates a chrome finish overtop the whole nail, but Carpenter’s manicure feature a slightly holographic, silver tip, adding an ethereal edge to a classic French.

Close up of Sabrina Carpenter's "fairy" French manicure


The "my nails but better" manicure has been spotted on practically everyone since the start of the year, as celebs are foregoing intricate nail art and bold colors for manis that feature sheer finishes and pale shades. It’s apparent in the hazy “vanilla French” manicure, which features a blurred line connecting the tip and base of the manicure, and in Jennifer Aniston’s “milky” French manicure. Carpenter’s fairy French mani features a similar fade between the French manicure’s tip and base, pointing to a new French manicure trend that’s less about following the stark lines of a traditional French and more about creating a softened edge.

To finish off her look, Carpenter’s hairstylist, Kiley Fitzgerald, called on the singer’s go-to hairstyle, which features a fluffy blowout with large barrel curls and overgrown Birkin bangs. The scene she wore this look in is a “night out” between Carpenter and Puth, so makeup artist, Allan Avendaño, added nighttime-ready intense liner on her waterline, a glossy terracotta lip, and a wash of coral blush to add a flush to her satiny skin.

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