Stop Everything: Ryan Gosling Is Now Brunette (and Unrecognizable)

There are certain things we take for granted. Like that the sun will continue to rise each day in the east and that Ryan Gosling is a forever-blonde. Which is why our world got turned upside down today when we saw images of The Gosling as a brunette. Yep, that's right—the actor, heartthrob, and Eva Mendes's partner and baby daddy left his dreamy light locks behind for a dark brown shade that our eyes are having trouble adjusting to. However, take solace, Gosling fans: The decision was not a personal aesthetic switch on his part (whew!), but rather an artistic necessity for the film he's currently shooting in New Orleans, The Big Short. Dare we say the dark hair makes him look a bit more dad-ish and a bit less mega–movie star status.

Do you like Gosling as a brunette? Tell us what you think of his hair color change in the comments below! And if you're brunette like Gosling, here's one of our favorite shampoos for keeping brown locks shiny, rich, and healthy-looking.