Everything You Need to Know About Russian Volume Lash Extensions

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There's nothing better than waking up and instantly looking put together with minimal effort. Lash extensions have become increasingly popular over the years, and for good reason—they allow you to have gorgeous, full lashes at all times with minimal work on your end. Want to add a boost of volume to your eyelashes yet not sure where to start? Russian volume lash extensions are known to be some of the fluffiest, voluminous extensions available. Ahead, we break down everything you need to know about Russian volume lash extensions, from the benefits to costs and even aftercare—Keep scrolling for our comprehensive guide.

Meet the Expert

  • Frenda Jin is the founder and owner of Lash Me NYC and is a professional and experienced lash expert who specializes in Russian volume extensions.

What are Russian Volume Lash Extensions?

Russian volume lashes are composed of synthetic mink yet are much thinner than traditional lash extensions. The thinness allows technicians to apply multiple extensions to each lash, creating a fuller, voluminous look. Russian volume extensions are also traditionally applied in more of a fan-type shape, resulting in a thicker-looking lash line than American volume lashes. Since several types of extensions are available, let's really get into what differentiates Russian volume extensions from the rest.

Benefits of Russian Volume Extensions

  • Appear fluffier and more voluminous than traditional extensions
  • Help fill in gaps clients might experience from natural lash hairs falling out
  • No mascara or eyeliner is necessary
  • Very little downtime
  • Results last four-six weeks

Not all lashes are created equal, and that's okay. While some have long lashes that barely need mascara, others want length, thickness, and much more than their natural lashes can give them. Jin emphasizes, "Russian volume lash extensions are ideal for clients who experience gaps in their natural lashes due to pulling them out, born with sparse lashes, or those who lose their natural lashes due to aging."

Risks of Russian Volume Extensions

Another positive? There are little to no risks involved when getting these extensions done. Jin noted, "The only risk a client might have when getting Russian volume extensions is if they end up being allergic to the glue." If you are sensitive to glue or have shown allergies in the past, the best practice is to work out a plan with your technician and do a swatch test before applying anything to the eye area. Jin stated, "If you have fragile, damaged, thin natural lashes, Russian volume lashes are not the ideal lash treatment for you." You can seek expert advice from a professional lash technician who might have other recommendations on lash treatments should you be experiencing thinner, more damaged eyelashes.

Cost of Russian Volume Extensions

The cost of Russian volume extensions can vary depending on where you're getting them done, yet typically one set will run you $155-$320.

Russian Volume Extensions vs Traditional Lash Extensions

When deciding whether to get Russian volume extensions versus traditional lash extensions, there are a few things to remember. "Russian volume lashes deliver a fuller, fluffier, and more stunning look than classic extensions," Jin says. The important thing to note about Russian volume lashes is they are far more noticeable, so if you're looking for a dramatic effect, they would be ideal.

Traditional lash extensions tend to look wispier and more natural, depending on the method and type of lash used when applying. Remember, with Russian volume lashes, you can apply several individual extensions to one natural eyelash due to how thin they are. This is when you really start to see the volume build. Classic, traditional lashes are not going to be as noticeable.

Pre-made Russian Volume Extensions vs Hand-made

Since some extensions come premade while others are handmade, it's important to know the difference between them when choosing which one you'd like. Jin explained, "Hand-made volume lashes do not have glue already applied at the bottom. The lash tech will dip a tiny amount of glue, pinch the lashes into a fan shape, and then apply, creating a natural, weightless feeling. When you're working with hand-made lashes, you can customize the volume, while pre-made lashes already contain glue at the bottom.

The lash tech will apply more glue on top of the already present glue, which feels noticeably different—it's more difficult to create a more natural-looking lash using this technique." Jin also said, "Hand-made lashes require senior, experienced technicians that need a minimum of three years experience. Lash Me NYC is proud to provide outstanding customer service to all of our clients by only applying hand-made volume lashes."

Side Effects and Recovery Process

There is little to no downtime for someone who gets Russian volume extensions, yet the aftercare is extensive in the first 24-48 hours post-treatment and after. The extensions typically take two hours to apply and last up to six weeks. Below is a guided list Jin put together on how best to take care of your extensions:

  • Avoid using any kind of makeup remover that contains oil
  • Do not rub, tug, or pull the lashes too hard
  • Do not get your extensions wet in the first 24 hours. This includes swimming, sauna, and jacuzzi
  • Do not sleep on your stomach, and try your best to only sleep on your back
  • If you must use mascara, only use a water-based formula and apply it on the midsection to the tip, avoiding the root area

Before and After

Below is a beautiful example of before and after shots of Russian volume extensions from Lash Me NYC

russian volume lash extensions before and after

Ashley Rebecca

The Final Takeaway

If full, voluminous lash extensions are what you're after, Russian volume extensions could be your ideal solution. If you want a more natural look, volume extensions are not the best fit. It's imperative to do your research in the area you live and find an experienced lash technician who can apply them safely.

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