Spanish Rocker Lourdes Hernández Swears This $40 Serum Gives You "a New Face"

If given the chance, we all like to think we'd travel the world for a living, but rarely do we ever meet a person who actually does it and loves it as much as many of us dream we would. This is part of why it was such a pleasure to speak with the hyper-creative Lourdes Hernández, a Madrid-born indie singer-songwriter who goes by the stage name Russian Red (yes, like the shade of MAC lipstick) and is known far and wide as "the Feist of Spain." A quick listen to any of Hernández's folky, atmospheric pop singles (I recommend starting with "I Hate You But I Love You") or swipe through her delicately curated pastel Instagram account, and you'll find evidence of a woman in motion. Whether it's her place of residence (Hernández moved from Spain to Los Angeles five years ago and continues to fall deeper in love with it every day, though she's also constantly touring and performing across the globe), her musical style, or her beauty look, the 32-year-old refuses to stay in one place. "I like to try new things," she tells me of her attitude toward beauty trends, though I have a feeling this applies to the rest of her life as well. "It doesn't always work, but sometimes it does."

Hernández's playful, experimental spirit and fundamental love of beauty (after all, she named herself after a lipstick) perfectly embody Byrdie's April theme, Freestyle Beauty, so our conversation with the musician came at the perfect time. To learn more about the beauty innovator's signature look, beauty inspirations, and secret skincare weapon when she's on tour, just keep reading.