How a Runway Model Survives Fashion Week

We like to think a runway model during the throes of fashion month is akin to a long-distance runner pacing herself through a marathon. Though there are short bursts of high-adrenaline moments (namely, the actual walking of the shows), the majority of the race consists of keeping up your stamina at a steady pace, with the goal of finishing strong (i.e., preferably not crawling on all fours to the finish line). Having personally endured the grueling, glamorous fête that is fashion week, we’re fascinated by how models manage to survive not just a week, but a whole month of running from show to show—from the piling on of makeup and the frying of hair to the champagne-laden after-parties. So, we were thrilled when It model Georgia Graham of Ford Models gave us a peek into how she keeps it together during fashion month (and still looks flawless). After walking for Creatures of Comfort, Tanya Taylor, and Osklen in New York, Graham is jetting off to London for the next leg of her journey—but not before sharing her fashion month beauty routine (and some witty repartee).

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