This Top Model Spills Her Miracle Products for Hormonal Acne

Byron Bay model and influencer Ruby Tuesday Matthews knows a thing or two about being busy. The mom of one (see sunshine-y toddler Rocket in action below), is currently expecting again, and diligently working away on what could be described as a third baby—a range of unisex kid's clothing. Keen to understand how Matthews makes her packed schedule work whilst espousing the beauty ideals of arguably the cruisiest place in Australia, we reached out to ask. 

From annoying pregnancy symptoms ("my skin really freaks out"), to what she does to keep fit, prepare to be inspired by this down to earth mom.

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Ruby Tuesday Matthews
Tess Leopold

Fashion Caption: Spell & The Gypsy Collective Etienne Play dress ($179).

Byrdie: How does your skin change when you’re pregnant?

Ruby Tuesday Matthews: My skin really freaks out. During my first pregnancy, it was like I had just hit puberty—I had the worst acne ever! Face, back and chest. After a few facials and microdermabrasion, and finding some miracle products in the Aspect range (especially the vitamin C serum), I got back on track.  

B: Walk us through your current morning skincare routine.

RTM: I do a quick wash with a cleanser, towel dry, then apply vitamin C serum and daily moisturiser. I use a rosewater mist throughout the day year-round to help hydrate and protect my skin. I also use a body lotion with collagen and vitamin E, and Lanolips’ All-Round ointment or Manuka honey for the odd stretch mark that pops up.

Tess Leopold

B: What does your hair styling routine involve day to day?

RTM: Not much, to tell you the truth. I’ll use a little Kevin.Murphy Young.Again oil, and that's about it. I couldn’t live without the whole range, it saved my hair after my last pregnancy. (The cute part where you lose it all.) For my cut and colour, I stick to a low-maintenance beachy feel. I basically let Jaye Edwards, the master, do whatever. Finding someone you trust is essential—there is nothing more damaging or expensive than a cheap, s*** cut and colour.

Tess Leopold

Fashion Caption: Spell & The Gypsy Collective Damsel Lace Top ($159).

Photographer: Tess Leopold; Hair: Emily @ Edwards and Co; Makeup: Luciana Rose: Creative direction: Bianca Boulden.

B: How do you keep fit when you’re pregnant?

RTM: The first time, I really didn't. I walked a few days a week and swam every day, but my OB was always on my case saying I should eat less and exercise more. Try telling a hormonal pregnant lady that…

B: Anything you start doing health-wise when you pregnant?

RTM: I stop drinking coffee (can't stand the taste when pregnant), and try to get everything I need nutrient-wise from food. I take prenatal vitamins and don't drink, that's it.

B: Any advice you’d give to other mums-to-be?

RTM: Trust your gut when it comes to your bub and making decisions. And do your own research. You will do what's right for you and your baby—everybody's needs are different. Also, try to take time out for yourself at least once a week. 

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