Royal Jelly: The Magic Ingredient Missing From Your Beauty Regimen

These days there is always a new must-have ingredient, superfood, or workout that promises to change your life, deliver the fountain of youth, change your tires, and more—okay, maybe not the last one, but you get the point. As beauty editors, we constantly have our ears open for the next big thing. And that next big thing seems to be royal jelly. It turns out this natural ingredient has been around and providing youth-boosting benefits for some time now. However, like many of the best skin secrets, it comes to us from our foreign friends.  

According to our gorgeous French friend, public relations guru Marie-Laure Fournier, royal jelly is another secret to their effortless beauty, explaining, “As young girl and still today, I get a shot of royal jelly every day to support my immune system. There is a saying that you can actually live on royal jelly and water.” So if French ladies are saying this mysterious ingredient is like air for them, and legendary French skincare brands like Orlane have been using it as an ingredient since the 1960s, something has to be up. Is this really the natural solution to healthy, youthful skin we’ve all been looking for? 

Read on to learn more about royal jelly!