What Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Would Buy at the Drugstore for $20

"You'll have to bear with me because I'm actually doing my makeup right now as we're talking," says Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, calling in from London. After a day of press, the 31-year-old model and BareMinerals beauty ambassador is taking 10 minutes to touch up her daytime makeup (yes, all by herself) to transition to an evening look—a bronzer brush in one hand, her iPhone in the other. "The ultimate multitasking woman, right?" she says in a buoyant British accent. "I literally just got my baby out of the bath and dressed for bed, I'm on the phone, and I'm doing my makeup to go out for dinner."

If anyone is up to the challenge of conducting an interview and beating her face at the same time, it's Huntington-Whiteley. While sitting in the hair-and-makeup chair feels like a burden to many performers, the UK native calls it her favorite part of her workday. A genuine beauty lover through and through, Huntington-Whiteley has used her celebrity to launch a number of makeup and skincare endeavors, in addition to her BareMinerals contract (which she treasures like a second child, happy to talk your ear off about her love of the natural beauty brand's formulas, textures, colors, and packaging as long as you'll listen). Earlier this year, the model also launched Rose Inc., a website dedicated to sharing all the clever beauty know-how Huntington-Whiteley has accumulated over the years of working in entertainment. And on October 26 in Los Angeles, she will be hosting a public masterclass alongside celebrity makeup artists Katie Jane Hughes and Nikki DeRoest, who will live-demo two of the model's signature looks (tickets are still available here). So it's really no wonder Huntington-Whiteley made room for this interview. Talking about beauty is an important part of who she is.

Read on to check out the conversation that ensued, in which we spoke about everything from exactly how she takes her makeup from day to night in 10 minutes to her dream beauty job (if she weren't a model, that is) to what makeup products she'd buy if only given $20.