How to Make the Products You Already Own More Effective



I recently met with natural skincare founder Sarah Villafranco to talk life-changing products. (It’s my favorite subject.) During that time, she talked about her background—emergency medicine—and how passionate she is about unique, good-for-you ingredients from both a health and wellness perspective. Villafranco started her company, Osmia, with that ethos in mind, as skin is a manifestation of the body’s health in general. And, honestly, who better to trust with your skin and health than a medical professional?

We discussed one of Osmia’s newest launches, the Nectar Vital Rose Drops ($98), and how it’s a seriously multitasking product. Not only is it wonderful on its own (it’s a healing, silky mix of safflower, argan, prickly pear, and pumpkin seed oils—as well as rosehip seed oil to repair sun damage and decrease inflammation), but it also has some other tricks hidden in that tiny glass bottle. The best one? It actually makes your other products work better.

Have you ever tried Osmia Organics products? What did you think?