The One Crystal You Should Use on Your Skin

In whole form, gemstones have long been used around the world to assist in balancing chakras. And in recent years, we’ve learned and reported on how their healing properties extend to the beauty realm as well. But there’s one crystal in particular that’s excellent for facial skin health, and luckily it’s quite popular in the beauty world right now. Rose quartz, found mostly in organic skincare products, helps minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and redness. The gem also reduces tension, which can in turn relax our facial expressions and lead to fewer lines in the future. While its natural beautifying qualities won’t work overnight, it is a noninvasive and totally natural alternative to help slow down the appearance of aging. Keep scrolling to shop five rose quartz–infused products!

Do you use a rose quartzinfused skincare product on your face? Have you noticed a difference? Tell us in the comments!