Rose Inc's Tinted Serum Is Luminous, Creamy, and Unlike Anything We’ve Tried Before

The skincare-makeup hybrid of your dreams.

Rose Inc Serum

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Gone are the days when skincare and makeup products existed in two completely separate beauty realms. Now more than ever, brands are bridging the gap between the categories, infusing new makeup launches with ingredients you’d typically find in serums or creams and creating skincare offerings that double as highlighters, foundations, and more.

Rose Inc is the latest brand that’s blurring the lines between skincare and makeup with the launch of their new Skin Enhance Luminous Tinted Serum ($49). The hybrid product combines the hydrating and smoothing benefits of a serum with the foundation-like coverage of a skin tint. The result is a glow-inducing, complexion-smoothing pigment that feels like absolutely nothing on the skin. It’s the first product of its kind from Rose Inc, the clean beauty brand launched by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley last year.

To learn more about the inspiration for the new serum and how it’s different than anything else on the market, we went directly to the team at Rose Inc. Ahead, get all the details on the innovative Skin Enhance Luminous Tinted Serum, and read Team Byrdie’s honest reviews.

The Inspiration

The Rose Inc team says that the inspiration for the new tinted serum came from both their founder's personal preferences and the current state of beauty. "Rosie’s style–and consumer demand right now–is a less is more approach," Caroline Hadfield, CEO of Rose Inc, tells us, noting that as we (hopefully) near a post-COVID and post-mask future, people are going to want to show off their natural complexions and enhance what they already have.

Plus, since customers are starting to return to their normal schedules and busy lives, a tinted serum felt like a natural choice over a traditional foundation. "Consumers are looking to condense their routines, which is why we are seeing more 2-in-1 products coming to market again," Hadfield explains. "The Skin Enhance Tinted Serum is truly hitting on all of this with skincare and makeup in one."

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The Formula

According to Hadfield, those with dry skin will find the new product especially refreshing thanks to its serum base, which includes a few key hero ingredients that make the hybrid formula unique. Sodium hyaluronate works to plump skin and smooth fine lines, while peptides (acetyl tetrapeptide) provide environmental protection (something city-dwellers can appreciate). Meanwhile, the inclusion of squalane adds weightless hydration to the formula.

The real star here, however, is the microencapsulation technology, which helps keep the ingredients in their purest form until application. In the bottle, the serum appears as a translucent liquid packed with hundreds of tiny pigmented spheres, which burst upon blending. The product comes in 14 different shades and is best applied with the Rose Inc Number 3 Foundation Brush ($36), another new release from the brand. As Hadfield explains, the serum should first be applied to the back of your hand and then blended with the Number 3 brush (this is when you'll see the spheres burst and the pigment spread). "From there, apply the product to the face and watch it effortlessly blend, blurring the complexion for a luminous finish," says Hadfield.

Rose Inc Skin Enhance Luminous Tinted Serum
Rose Inc Skin Enhance Luminous Tinted Serum $49.00

The Reviews

Melony Forcier, Beauty News Writer


Melony Forcier / Unsplash

Initially, I was hesitant about this product because I'm not a fan of liquidy skin tints or foundations, and the idea of a tinted serum sounded pretty watery. To my surprise, after mixing the product on the back of my hand, the pigmented spheres turned the serum-like consistency into a creamy, luxe foundation that I fell head over heels for.

I love that this formula is so lightweight and has that barely-there feeling. On the other hand, it gives light coverage, which I prefer, but if you are looking for full coverage in your foundation or skin tint, this might not be a match. I can definitely see myself using this in place of a traditional foundation, but I don’t think I would gravitate towards it if I wanted to do a full-face makeup look. All in all, I love the idea of combining skincare and makeup to streamline my getting ready process, and I can see this becoming part of my everyday routine.

Eden Stuart, Associate Editor


Eden Stuart / Unsplash

This has to be the most unique formulation I've ever worked with for a tinted product; the pigment and the skincare ingredients seem to exist kind of separately in the bottle and blend together as you apply. I did find it to be a bit streaky when it first applied—probably because of said unique formulation—but it's so light coverage it didn't take much blending to fix the problem. The feel is lightweight and the finish is so, so glowy; very healthy-looking. While the coverage is very light, more blurring than real coverage, it does such a great job at blurring you could mistake it for a filter. (A very natural-looking filter.) I've been dealing with some post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation on my chin and while it didn't cover my dark marks, it did an impressive job of diffusing them. 

I'm excited to keep wearing this one! Though maybe in a different shade; the one I received is just a touch too dark, which surprised me given the website's photos.

Madeline Hirsch, News Director


Madeline Hirsch / Unsplash

Before even using it, I could tell this skin tint would be an adventure. Through the glass bottle packaging, I was intrigued by what looked like tiny balls of concealer suspended in a glassy transparent serum. In short, not what I’m used to in my serums (or skin tints for that matter).

The label suggests mixing the formula with a brush, but I found that my fingers worked just fine. The key is being thorough, so the formula can lather into a creamy, light coverage tint. After I figured that part out it was smooth sailing: the skin feel is phenomenal, and this product offered more coverage than I was expecting. I still used a dab of concealer to minimize redness around my eyes and nose, but otherwise, this serum provides enough color to even out my skin tone and give my face a dewy glow.

Aimee Simeon, Senior Beauty Editor


Aimee Simeon / Unsplash

I’ll admit: I haven’t been a “tinted” category girl until recently. I’ve struggled with hyperpigmentation for most of my young teen and adult life, and most lightly tinted products don’t give me the coverage I desire. However, in the past two years, I’ve dabbled into “less-is-more” makeup, mainly due to growing in love with my skin and hardly leaving the house. I was especially curious when I learned about Rose Inc’s Tinted Serum. Before trying, my initial thought was this could either go really good or really, really bad. Ultimately, I landed somewhere in the middle.

I was nervous when I saw the two-texture encapsulated tinted serum, but I was oddly drawn to the texture when I applied it. It gives the skin a nice dewy tint that I’d appreciate on heavy Zoom call days or local errands. I am wearing shade 090, and I am not sure if it looks like a perfect match, but it was good enough in natural sunlight. Of course, this is a skincare-makeup hybrid—so don’t expect a full-coverage finish, but consider it for a base for your foundation or on light makeup days.

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