36 Rose Gold Nail Designs That Complement Every Skin Tone

woman with rose gold and gold manicure


Stop what you're doing and take a peek at your nails. If you're in need of a manicure, there's a good chance you already have a color in mind. While nude, pink, and red are classic colors, we can't help but ask you to consider rose gold.

After all, have you seen all the rose gold nail designs floating around the 'gram? Spoiler: We have, and we're here to share what we learned. Ahead, find 36 rose gold nail art ideas perfect for those who prefer minimalist manis as well as those who like to go all out.

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Rose Gold Swatch

Manicure with central swipe of rose gold nail polish


Let's kick things off with an easy-to-recreate nail look. All you have to do to DIY this look is swipe a coat of metallic color across the middle of each nail. Don't forget the top coat!

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Rose Gold Triangles

Manicure with azalea purple tips and rose gold triangles at base


Forget about cuticle half-moons: This rose gold manicure makes us go heart-eyed for baseline triangles.

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Rose Gold Glitter

Pale pink manicure with rose gold glitter accent nails


These dip powder nails show how pretty rose gold and a pale neutral base pair together.

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Negative Cuticles

Rose gold chrome manicure with negative space half-moon


If you want to stay true to a fully rose gold nail look, opt for this single-color mani that adds flair with an arc of negative space at the base of each nail.

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Green and Rose Gold

Manicure with green corner curve design and rose gold squiggle swipe


NYC-based nail studio Paintbox (a.k.a. the designers behind this look) refers to this mani as "heaven and earth"—and we couldn't agree more.

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Rose Gold Foil

We love the look of these blush pink nails topped off with rose gold foil glitter. You too? You had better bookmark them.

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Rose Chrome

Rose gold chrome nails


These chrome-finish rose gold nails made us stop mid-scroll. Aren't they fabulous? When booking your next nail sesh, make sure your manicurist is capable of this dip powder magic.

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Rose Gold and Nude

Manicure with neutral tips and rose gold triangle base


Glittery rose gold triangles extend into pale nude tips for a minimalist mani we can't get enough of.

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Rosy Base

Pale pink manicure with rose gold base accent


These rose gold nails are simple and stunning all at the same time. To create the look yourself, start with a baby pink base and use a piece of striping tape to section off the bottom quarter of your nail. Fill the area with metallic rose gold polish, et voilà.

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Rose Gold Accent Nails

Baby pink manicure with rose gold glitter accent nails


These baby pink nails look that much more stylish thanks to rose gold glitter-dipped pinkies and a touch of shimmer on the ring fingers, too.

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Holographic Rose Gold

Holographic rose gold marble nail design


Say hello to a super simple rose gold nail look. All you need to create the look is a roll of holographic rose gold nail striping tape.

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Rose Gold Smiles

Louis Vuitton logo manicure with rose gold glitter smiley face accent nails


We love the designer-meets-emoji approach to these rose gold nails. They're both playful and high-end.

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Rose Quartz Nails

Rose quartz nails with gold foil accents


A rose quartz base pairs with rose gold foil for a chic nail look we're head over heels for.

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Glitter and Stripes

Rose gold manicure with glitter and metallic stripes


Rose gold glitter and striping tape pair with ballerina pink polish to create a pretty-in-pink nail look we can't stop staring at.

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Rose Gold Cuticles

Glitter manicure with silver French tips and rose gold cuticle half-moons


If you like to mix metals, this manicure, which features rose gold cuticles and silver glitter tips, will be right in your wheelhouse.

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Rose Gold Tips

Manicure with rose gold top half and white horizontal central stripe


You'll be glad to know that this head-turning nail look is easy to DIY. To do so, section off the top half of your nail and fill it in with rose gold polish. Next, use a striping pen to carefully draw a crisp white line a touch below each rosy section.

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Terracotta Glitter

Manicure with bright blue top half and rose gold corner curved design at base


Here, glittery rose gold polish pairs with bright blue lacquer for a high-contrast nail look that screams a summer state of mind.

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Rosy Mismatch

Black, nude, and rose gold pair together for a mixed-finish mani that instantly grabs our attention.

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Rose Gold Glitter Swoops

Manicure with rose gold glitter swoop tips


Every time we see this gorgeous rose gold manicure, we imagine what it'd look like on our nails.

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Color block manicure with rose gold tips, white center, and negative space base


Rose gold glitter and crisp white polish pair together for a heavy color-blocked design that leaves a sliver of negative space for a taste of minimalist appeal.

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Dreamy Accents

Peachy nude manicure with rose gold moon, initial, ring, and spaceship nail designs


If you love the idea of rose gold nails but want to rock a nude manicure, consider this idea that's littered with teeny rose gold accents.

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Rose Gold Dots

Pale pink manicure with rose gold dots in negative space base


The beauty of these peachy-nude-and-rose-gold nails is that thanks to the sliver of space between the cuticle and base, they'll grow out without looking messy.

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Rose Quartz French

French manicures are never not in style—especially this year. Here, instead of plain white tips, we have rose quartz with a rose gold divider.

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Rose Gold Stars

You can never go wrong with a star manicure—especially when rose gold is part of the color palette.

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Rose Gold Glitter

Hand with rose gold glitter manicure holding rose quartz


These rose gold glitter nails are likely made with dip powder, so your best bet is to bring this photo as inspo to your next nail appointment.

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Allover Holographic

Iridescent rose gold manicure


This holographic shade offers a subtle nod to the rose gold nail trend. Find a polish in the funky shade or try nail stickers.

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Statement Glitter Nail

Manicure with star details and one solid rose gold and one rose gold French accent nail


This fun look offers myriad designs: there's the rose gold stars on two nails, an allover glitter rose gold nail, and a French-tipped glitter nail. It's a great look for the newly engaged or those wanting to draw attention via a strategic statement nail.

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Nude With Glittery Cuticle

Peachy nude manicure with rose gold glitter cuticle crescent


This look puts a spin on the traditional French tip, forgoing tips in favor of cuticle crescents with a subtle hint of rose gold glitter.

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Rose and Pink Swirls

The varying shades seen on this swirl design look so great together and help provide a nice counterpoint to the rose gold glitter on each nail.

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Neutral Rose Gold

Muted rose gold shimmer manicure


OPI considers this shade a neutral, and we agree. When painted all over the nail, this glittery rose gold polish works with just about any look, day or night. Replicate the look with a couple of coats of OPI Metallic Composition ($20).

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Rose Gold Foil

Rose gold foil pattern coffin nails


Rather than paint your nails, you could go the rose gold route via foil, as seen here. Cut out small, subtle designs and adhere them to a nude base coat for a fun look.

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Rose Gold with Pink Contrast

This look is all about contrast. While half the nails feature a bold, rose gold chrome, the others are done up in pale pink.

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Mocha with Rose Gold Accents

Muted mocha manicure with angular rose gold corner design


A mocha shade on square nails gets a dose of glamour thanks to thin slivers of rose gold glitter polish on the corners of each nail.

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The coffin-shaped trend (wherein nails are shaped like, well, a coffin) gets a dose of festivity thanks to ombré rose gold glitter and a smattering of sequins applied to accent nails.

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Glitter Rose

Solid rose gold glitter manicure with ombre accent nail


These glittery nails are so high-impact, thanks to a mix of allover sequins and a couple accent nails that relegate the glitter to the tip or the base.

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Subtle Sequin Accents

Manicure with subtle rose gold sequin accents


Rather than paint your entire nail with glittery polish, try painting one small portion of each to add a subtle sparkle. Here, each nail gets a different design, so the glitter is more subtle than the allover look.

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