I Tried Fall's It-Girl Trend, Rose-Gold Hair—See the Photos

"I've made up my mind," I declared back in March 2016 while reflecting on a pretty epic haircut that took several inches off my long, damaged hair. "If 2015 was the year that I was perpetually bored, then 2016 is the year of a single haircut that's anything but boring."

The funny thing is that even as I wrote it, I chuckled at my own earnestness and puffed-up conviction. Would I possibly stick with that look for the rest of the year and beyond? Perhaps. But I know myself, and it was far more likely that sometime in the later months of 2016—probably around fall when the transitioning seasons always give way to a sense of restlessness—I would start feeling the itch to try something different again.

Sure enough, by the time August rolled around, that boredom returned with a vengeance. It didn't help that I had neglected to maintain said haircut whatsoever, and the overgrown bangs and layers felt predictably stale. But really, it was the color that seemed most overdue for an upgrade, and after nearly a year—I know, a whole 10 months—of a dark brown hue that largely resembled my natural color, I was ready to do something drastic, to indulge a little wanderlust from myself.

I'd wanted to go pink for years, and it was time to make that happen.

Of course, the more trend-appropriate term is "rose gold" in all its variations. There was the desert-inspired blond-tinged copper we saw on Emma Roberts earlier in the year. Shortly after Kylie Jenner took the A-list rose gold plunge as well. A more pastel variation labeled "quartz pink" has made the rounds on Pinterest, while a washed-out punk-rock take was popular this summer with the cool-girl set on Instagram. I envisioned something in between the latter two: a root-y pale blonde with a wash of translucent pink, equal parts pretty and grunge.

And so I found myself in a salon chair at L.A.'s It color destination, Nine Zero One, attempting to explain this rather specific vision. But within five minutes of talking, swatching out shades, and picking tones with my very attentive stylist, Amber, I knew that I wouldn't be settling for anything less than what I hoped for. For one thing, Amber is very much the cool girl herselfwe bonded over our Scorpio sisterhood and chatted about her badass plans to buzz off her hair. For another, she had donned rose-gold hair to her own wedding.

I was right to assume I was in good hands. Two days and approximately 10 hours in the salon chair later, I got my first glimpse of my newly pinked hairand it was so on point with what I had envisioned that it almost felt as familiar as it did new.

Slide the tool below to see the before and after, and keep scrolling to see how the whole process went down.