Rose Gold Balayage Grows Out Much Softer Than All-Over Color—Here Are 30 Ways to Wear the Shade

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It’s safe to say that rose gold is the color of the past five years. Popping up everywhere from jewelry to home decor, the rosy metallic shade is simply stunning. And, thanks to creative hair colorists, it’s not even an option for your next hair color transformation. 

While there are some products on the market that will help you create an all-over rose gold shade, when it comes to the balayage technique, it’s best to leave it to a pro. “Believe it or not the undertones of your color make a big difference in the rose gold result,” says senior Nine Zero One stylist Jill Buck. “A professional is able to lift hair safely to a level 9-10 before applying the beautiful tint.”

That said, if you’re in the market for a new hair sitch, keep reading to discover 15 ways to rock the rose gold balayage hair color trend, as well as a few facts to keep top of mind when considering the color. 

Rose Gold Balayage

How to Pronounce: Rose Gold bah-lee-ahj

Choosing a Shade: When selecting the right rose gold balayage for y-o-u, keep your skin’s undertones in mind. The warmer your skin, the golden you can go with your color.

Maintenance Level: Low. While grow out is practically undetectable with this finely-blended hair color, it’s worth remembering that it’s still a processed color. As such, it’s best to wash with color-safe shampoo and conditioner, like Drunk Elephant’s Cocomino Glossing Shampoo ($25) and Marula Cream Conditioner ($25).

Goes Great With: Any hair color. “I’m saying this as a rose gold lover and one who wears it myself,” Buck, who is also a Joico celebrity stylist, says. “I was able to achieve it on a dark brown base. However, this color is the easiest to achieve on a blonde. If you are going to apply it directly to your natural color (no highlights or old highlights), your hair must be a dirty blonde or brighter for it to show up.” Additionally, Buck says it’s worth noting that rose gold balayage is best suited for warmer skin tones and those who already have gold, yellow, and copper tones in their hair. 

Similar Shades: Strawberry blonde

Price: $100 to $300 depending on the salon

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Dark Roots

Rose gold balayage can look different on everyone thanks to its placement and base color. While many people opt for neutral bases and roots-to-ends coloring, this example shows how bold an auburn-plum base can look with the rosy shade.

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Rose Gold Bob

Rose gold balayage works well on all hair lengths and textures. Where some balayage techniques look best on long locks, you can rejoice over the fact that even bobs can get in on this beautiful shade.

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Dusty Rose Gold

Looking for something a touch more subtle? This brunette base faded into a pastel rose fold will do the trick. Just remember to add a hydrating hair mask—like Briogeo's Be Gentle, Be Kind™ Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture Superfoods Hair Mask ($36)—into your routine to ensure that your much-lighter ends stay adequately hydrated.

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Rose Gold Crop

Loving the jewelry-inspired hair color trend? Try pairing your rose gold balayage with a little amethyst action. We love how this hair model works the look.

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Shiny Rose Gold

While the previous rose gold balayage was a more subdued, matte finish, this one is all about the shine. For a high-shine, frizz-free finish, try using Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day Heat Styling Spray ($28).

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Rose Gold Waves

We're pretty much drooling over this mesmerizing mane. Look how well blended it is! To maintain the next-level shine, consider adding a glossing treatment into your routine. DP Hue's Gloss+ Semi-permanent Hair Color and Deep Conditioner ($35) will work wonders.

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Brunette Roots

While still a balayage, this rose gold rendition features a slightly higher contrast between the base color and the highlights. If that's your cup of tea, go for it!

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Pastel Rose Gold

This shiny shade features tiny hints of rose in the base which helps it flow effortlessly into the rosy ends. We're here for it. To maintain the rose gold hue, add oVertone's Original Rose Gold Coloring Conditioner ($29) into your routine.

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Rose Gold Mane

This rose gold balayage borders on mauve and we're equally as mad about it. Seriously, how pretty is this dusty fade? And, if you love the effortless waves, consider updating your hairstyling routine to show off your new 'do. Dyson's Airwrap Styler ($549) will help you become a styling pro with little to no effort.

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Auburn Rose Gold

Darker bases can look just as pretty with rose gold balayage. Just keep in mind that you'll have to pre-lighten the areas you hope to highlight, as rose gold balayage can only show up on lighter base colors.

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Rose Gold S-Waves

Rose gold balayage to sunny blonde? We're here for it. To avoid dry-looking ends, just remember the importance of leave-in conditioner and weekly (or bi-weekly) hair masks.

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Rosy Ends

We adore the look of these chocolatey roots fading into soft rose gold. Talk about dimension. To keep your ends looking high-contrast without showing off splits, consider adding Olaplex's No. 3 Hair Perfector ($56) to your weekly routine.

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Violet Rose

Not ready for a super-noticeable fade? Opt for this roots-to-ends take on the rose gold balayage trend.

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Rosy Blonde

Rose gold balayage doesn't have to take place only at your ends. Here, a person shows how you can have rosy roots blended into sandy blonde ends.

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Dark Rose Balayage

And, if you're still a tad too nervous to go all-out with your rose gold balayage, start off small with teeny-tiny babylights mixed with darker berry ones until you're ready to fully embrace the lighter look.

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