Rose Byrne's Allergy-Free Beauty Routine

After an allergic reaction to cosmetics landed Rose Byrne in her doctor’s office this summer, she was forced to rethink every product she owns. “I got contact dermatitis and excema on my eyes,” Byrne says. “After having tests done I found out that had I developed an allergy to three chemicals that are in pretty much everything.” Those three chemicals—propolis cera, propylene glycol, and tocopheryl—mixed with an allergy to vitamin E (which is in many natural products) left the actress with incredibly limited options. “It’s been really hard because they don’t always tell you everything that’s in products,” she says. After months of experimenting she’s amassed a collection of both drugstore and natural products that you may not think lack many common chemicals. But she swears by a CoverGirl mascara and L’Oreal foundation! Some things, however, have been hard to let go of. “My skin is getting a little better now,” she says. “So I have been able to wear my perfume on occasion!”