Rosalía's MAC Collection Has Everything You Need for a Bold Nail Look

It's jewelry for your nails.



After conquering the music world and winning a Grammy in the process, it’s safe to say that Rosalía accomplishes anything and everything she sets her mind to. Fluent in three languages, the writer and producer of her first two albums, and a cultural force, Rosalía is a multi-hyphenate talent to watch. So, it came as no surprise when she added "beauty icon" to her long list of accolades. 

If you’re a fan of Rosalía (how could you not be with bops like TKN and Malamente?), you know that she often rocks a strong brow and a bold, bright red lip, which is why her foray into beauty began with (you guessed it) a red-hot lipstick. After collaborating with MAC Cosmetics last year, Rosalía became the brand's Viva Glam ambassador. Lucky for us, the two have decided to partner up again—this time releasing an entire collection called Aute Cuture. 

Read on for all the details about the collection, including the inspiration behind it and some expert tips and tricks on how to use it. 



The Inspiration

When Rosalía was little, she loved to watch her mom do her makeup in the morning. "I used to stare at her while she was doing it and think about how pretty and skilled she was," explains Rosalía Vila Tobella. The second her mom left, she'd dive right into her stash, experimenting with every product in sight and, undoubtedly, making a big mess (albeit having a fantastic time). To this day, she's inspired by the self-expression makeup allows and channeled that playful energy while developing the Aute Cuture collection. 

"I think that makeup is an ancestral way of self-expression: we use textures or colors, and through it, we can shape the energy of others or our own," says Vila Tobella. Experimentation and creativity are the heart of this collection. "I hand-picked all the names for each shade, which are inspired by cooking spices, and loved trying out and swatching the samples, and designing the red and gold-toned packaging (especially the nail lacquer bottles)." Rosalía had a hand in every detail—and it shows.

Each product shade was hand-selected—from eye palettes to nail lacquers—using colors that have a personal meaning for Rosalía. "I've always identified with red because of its powerful energy and ties to the flamenco tradition, so it was a must for the collection." Subtle earth tones balance out the collection's bold hues, which evoke feelings of comfort and childhood memories in nature for the singer. "You will also find some gold in the collection, which I fell in love with as a kid while admiring my mom's energy and how she wore jewelry (she always used to have on gold hoop earrings or rings)."



The Collection


Arguably the star of the collection (and Rosalía's all-time favorite beauty product) are the lipsticks—specifically the Rusi Woo Lipstick ($21). The brand's iconic Ruby Woo was the first red lipstick the signer ever bought, and the shade was just right, not too cold or too warm. "Now, it blows my mind to have my own version of this iconic shade," Vila Tobella explains.

The collection also includes three other hues, Nuez Moscada (a cool pink-beige), Achiote (a lighter peachy pink), and Red Chile (a deep blue-red), along with four shades of Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor ($24), ranging in shades from vibrant orange to cool plum. 

MAC Senior National Artist, Gisel Calvillo, advises pairing these lipsticks (or any of the Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolors) with the Prep + Prime Lip ($20) to ensure lips stay hydrated without smudging or feathering. "Lipstick can always be used as a blush on cheeks, powder eyeshadows and blush highlight palette can also be swept across eyes," she adds.




The collection includes Dimension Skinfinish ($60), which adds a gorgeous glow to the skin. Housed in a quad palette, its four metallic shades—Guindilla (peachy pink), Maca (yellow gold), Rosa Peach (tan gold), and Miel De Azhar (bronze gold)—use a liquid-powder highlighter formula to sculpt and highlight your face. Basically, applying it will make you feel like you just went on a tropical vacation and arrived back home perfectly bronzed and glowy. 


If that wasn't enough, the final makeup product in the lineup is the Eyeshadow Palette ($50). Combining both mattes and highly reflective glitter pigmented eyeshadows, there's ample opportunity to create any look you desire. "The eye shadow palette in Aute Couture allows for such an easy day to night or natural to glam makeup look," says Calvillo. Not to mention that the palette's ten shades, ranging from Cafe Tinto Chocolate (brown) to Melaza (rose gold), look flattering on all skin tones. 


To complete the collection, Rosalía and MAC decided to add Nail Lacquers ($25) and Nail Adornments ($35), as nails are a signature look for Rosalía. “I consider nails to be a symbol of radical femininity and strength,” explains the singer. “I have always respected nail art and nail artists. Each nail is a little piece of art, and there is beauty in the fact that it lasts for just a certain time and not forever.” 

She also adores the ritual of getting her nails done, reminiscing on memories of sitting for hours with your friend chatting or listening while she draws or sculpts your nails. “If you think about it, people have been decorating their hands for ages, and the fact that we still do it is no coincidence to me,” says Rosalía. With that in mind, it makes sense why the collection would include an assortment of six nail lacquers, ranging in hues from white-beige to blood-red, along with nail stickers. It takes the practice of doing your nails at home to the next level and makes achieving cool nail art super simple. 

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