There's Now a Keurig Machine for Moisturizer

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to brew a fresh batch of face cream each morning, right along with your favorite blend of coffee? Thanks to a genius new machine called the Romy Paris, now you can! It works by adding highly concentrated ingredients via capsules to a separate batch of either serum or cream (depending on your skin needs), then “brews” a moisturizer for you before your eyes.

How will you know whether you need a cream or a serum, you ask? The machine is actually wirelessly connected to an app where you can fill out a questionnaire based on your habits, lifestyle, and skin type. After your finish inputting your answers, the app will tell you what combination of capsules to insert. How cool is that?

The capsules come in two different “collections”: the Evolutive Collection and the Fondamentale Line. The former helps combat issues like too little sleep by inputting active ingredients into the serum, while the latter is a cream-based formula that focuses on everyday issues like hydration.

In an article found on, Romy Paris co-founder Thomas Dauxerre reveals how the machine works: “The hermetically sealed capsules protect the active ingredients, so they can give the most possible [effect] during the formulation, just before application,” said Dauxerre.

Both the cream and the serum are stored in the back of the machine, called Figure. Then, within seven to nine seconds, you’ll have a personalized moisturizer right at your fingertips. The app will let you know if the cream or serum is running low, too. Awesome, right?

If you want to get your hands on one of these incredible new machines, be prepared to fork over a large chunk of change—the Romy Paris costs €490, or $547 at current exchange. You’ll also likely need to act fast, as only 500 machines are currently available online for preorder. (In the meantime, you can check out some of our top picks for moisturizers you can buy now.)

Hoping that this concept will play out in haircare, too? Executives at the brand say that that’s not a far-off concept, and plan to bring the Romy Paris to spas, beauty institutes, and department stores, as well.

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