10 Roller Skating Outfits to Take for a Spin

Courtesy of Black-owned brands and social media creators.

roller skating outfits


If you are on TikTok or Instagram, or have been on even once in the past year, you’ll know that roller skating has become increasingly popular on social media. People skating to music, showing tricks, even posing in really cool outfits wearing skates. These videos have become so popular, with 5.1 billion views of the hashtag #rollerskating on TikTok, that skate companies have seen a correlation with a significant increase in demand. Impala Rollerskates, a popular family-owned brand, has sold the most skates in the past year since 1980.

It’s important to note that roller skating isn’t just a social media trend. The HBO documentary United Skates illustrates Black communities’ long history with roller skating, from the civil rights movement to the emergence of hip hop. Being able to roller skate freely and safely has been historically difficult to do in many predominantly Black communities.

As you might imagine, there are many Black-owned skating brands that have lived through this history, long before the age of TikTok or Instagram. SK8 Fanatics makes more types of skates than I even knew existed, specifically for the beach, indoor, and outdoor use. Moonlight Roller, founded by 25-year old Adrienne Cooper, makes the iconic Moon Boot with a half moon cut out. It’s a roller skate with a hybrid wheel that can be used for both indoors and outdoors. Church of 8 Wheels, a 124 year old Church-turned-Roller Disco rink founded by David Miles, San Francisco's Godfather of Skate, sells skate gear and skates. Skatewear brand Paradise also recently teamed up with the aforementioned Impala to make the Marawa x Impala Rollerskates in rose gold with custom artwork and branding.

So, when you buy your roller skates, know that there is a history in those skates beyond what you may think of based on TikTok or mainstream movies or diner waiters on wheels. Below, I’ve laid out several roller skating outfits, in case you want to join in on the fun you’re seeing, each outfit featuring Black-owned skate brands and content creators. 

Boxer Shorts and Bra Top

These Church of 8 Wheels skates are “designed to make your first skate a great skate at a price people can afford without having to accept a cheaper product,” which is pretty great for those of us who are very, very beginner level. I love the idea of styling these cobalt blue boots with boxer-like shorts, like how Kamrylorin (@Kamcorder) does. The legs of the shorts flap in the breeze, and I can always get behind a matching bra top. I chose one of my favorite boxer shorts and bra top sets in a striped blue to match the skates. Side note: I love how Kamrylorin wraps her laces around a couple of times and then ties them in the front.

boxer and bra top

Design by Tiana Crispino

Bright Bottoms

Sade (@skatealldae) dances to Aaliyah's "Back & Forth" in bright breezy pants. I love the idea of wearing pants mostly because they add material between my knees and the pavement when I fall, but these breezy ones will move with the wind as you spin around doing your tricks if you’re on the level Sade is at. I love the idea of matching the pants to the roller skates with either the elastic cuff tucked in or pulled over the shaft of the skate. Here I chose this bestselling pair from Church of 8 Wheels and paired it with pants similar to Sade’s but in red. Add a ribbed knit tank and a necklace or two.

bright bottoms

Design by Tiana Crispino

Flannel Shirt as a Skirt

Aaliyah Warren (@aaliyah913) wears a tank, denim shorts, shin-high white socks, and a plaid shirt tied around her waist. Like a skirt, it moves with her hips as she dances in this two-slide video. I paired these rose gold Marawa x Impala skates, available on Paradise, with a similar outfit to the one Aaliyah has on. I think the rose gold goes great with the look. Consider swapping the laces so you have different laces on each skate, like Aaliyah does. 

flannel as skirt

Design by Tiana Crispino

The Bigger the Flare

Jas (@justseconds) pairs her roller skates with bell bottoms, which is a no brainer as they look incredibly impressive swinging as she moves and spins. Of course, they won’t look like this on someone with my lack of skills, but she looks cool regardless (her fall at the end of her video has nothing on the damage I’d do to myself on roller skates). This pair from SK8 Fanatics is a lavender suede, which would look really good with a pair of brown bell bottoms or these slinky patterned ones that match the lavender really well. Add a bodysuit like Jas has on for easy movement. I would also probably throw on an oversized chambray shirt, left open for extra wind flapping and elbow coverage.

bigger the flare

Design by Tiana Crispino

Mini Slip Dress

Another from Jas (I love her style) in a super mini dress, which looks so fun to wear as she twirls in her video on Instagram. I love how her colorful skates contrast the dress, so I did the same here with this suede aquamarine boot from Moonlight Roller and orangey mini slip from SVNR that features a drawstring to make one side scoop up. I added a tennis necklace for some sparkle. From the knees up, nobody would know you’re even in skates.

mini slip dress

Design by Tiana Crispino

Sets and Socks

Both Marician (@oh.thatsreese_) and Courtney (@fat_girl_has_moxi) have styled yellow sets with neutral roller skates and high socks. So I, too, have selected a citrusy shorts and tank set, easy to move in with some really classic skates from SK8 Fanatics. I love this ribbed knit set from Callahan in marigold, while Hara's shorts and bra set in honey is a bit more for athletics, if you’re breaking a sweat in skates. The latter is made from bamboo fabric and natural plant dyes. Both skaters wore tall tube socks with their skates, which adds a cool touch of sportiness and '70s flare. A chunky gold necklace will tie in great with the yellow hues.

sets and socks

Design by Tiana Crispino

An Unexpected Mix

Toni (@gr00vyquads) wears a pretty feminine gingham midi dress (hers is by Ganni) with her two-tone skates in this video, and I was instantly impressed. It’s like wearing sneakers with a dress, one of my favorite ways to make a dress more casual and everyday. I’m inspired by how she does her jumps with ease and grace even with the confinements of a semi-narrow-cut dress. This is a true skill. I paired these cool two-toned skates from SK8 Fanatics with a midi dress from Helmstedt, similar to Toni’s with a little more give, and some sunglasses that match the skate’s laces.

unexpected mix

Design by Tiana Crispino

Pleated and Plaid

Here, Paris (@empariskates) wears a yellow plaid uniform-style pleated skirt, not dissimilar to the one Cher wears in Clueless, worn with her yellow skates and a black tube top. Everything about this video is fun, from her smile, to her captioned instructions, down to the clothes. I would do absolutely nothing different here except maybe add a mini shoulder bag to swing as you weave along the sidewalk.

pleated and plaid

Design by Tiana Crispino

A Jumpsuit, Obviously

Only once I saw Oumi Janta (@oumi_janta)—a Berlin-based model and roller skater with almost one million followers—in a jumpsuit doing warm up variations (I love a comfy groove) did I realize how perfect a jumpsuit is for skating. Jumpsuits provide full coverage, are comfortable, and, by the way, are very cool looking paired with skates. I love how Oumi belted hers for waist definition as she twists and bends. She paired hers with classic white skates, so I did the same with these from Moonlight Roller and this jumpsuit by Bobby Cobra, which has its own built-in tie belt. I added a sleek pair of white sunglasses to highlight the crispness of the skates, but you could also find a pair that picks up the color of your clothing. I always forget how versatile a jumpsuit is.


Design by Tiana Crispino

Pedal Pushers, Hold the Pedals

The joke is because you’re using wheels instead of pedals! Frances (@abominatrix) wears cropped leggings and a baby tee with her skates, letting the skates take center stage on the bottom half. I love the idea of wearing a cropped legging or pedal pusher with extremely cool skates like these rich sapphire suede ones from Moonlight Roller. Pair them with these pedal pushers (on sale!) from Frame for an almost identical look to Frances. Or, for some extra color, I love these belted midi leggings from Cult Form. On my top half, I’d wear a tee tucked at the hem and billowing out, or a baby tee as Frances does, and a strand of white beads or pearls for unexpected fanciness.

pedal pushers

Design by Tiana Crispino

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