Rodan + Fields: A Guide to the Brand and the Best Products

Rodan + Fields: Brand Guide

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As a skincare Sherlock Holmes, it’s no surprise that I spend a lot of time going through my friends’ pantries and skincare products, forever in search of the next big thing. I’ve noticed a lot of trends throughout the years, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve taken note that there’s one brand consistent across many of my friends’ vanities: Rodan + Fields.

If you’ve never heard of Rodan + Fields, or its founders, dermatologists Katie Rodan, MD, and Kathy Fields, MD, you’ve definitely heard of another brand they founded—Proactiv. There’s a large generation for whom Proactiv was their first foray into skincare, and Rodan + Fields is kind of like that brand's sophisticated older sister, a one-stop-shop for prestige, science-based skincare. Byrdie associate editor Olivia Hancock raved about Rodan + Fields’s face masks back in the summer of 2019, and the hype has only increased from there. 

Studies have said there’s a strong case for regimented, three-step skincare routines—ideal for those of us who don’t want to put that much time or thought into figuring out what our skin needs and doesn’t need. And Rodan + Fields is great for that purpose. The brand offers regimen sets broken down into categories: Redefine, Reverse, Unblemish, and Soothe, all which serve different skin issues and ailments. These regimens typically consist of a cleanser, toner, and face cream, along with serums, makeup, body care, and plenty of other ways to treat yourself properly. 

Rodan + Fields

Founded: In 2000, by Katie Rodan, MD and Kathy Fields, MD

Based In: San Francisco

Pricing: $$$

Best Known For: Being a prestige, problem-solution, dermatology-inspired skincare brand for ages 30-plus.

Most Popular Products: REDEFINE Regimen, Brow Defining Boost, and Active Hydration Serum 

Fun Fact: Rodan + Fields was among the first brands to introduce before & after images, more than 20 years ago.

Other Brands You’ll Love: La Roche-Posay, Lancer Skincare, Dr. Jart+

“What sets R + F apart is both our derm heritage and hyper-focus on our results-driven philosophy,” Sumita Butani, SVP, innovation, of Rodan + Fields explains. “Our mission has always been ‘derm to doorstep,’ allowing our customers to receive clinically-tested, dermatology-inspired products that truly deliver visible results in easy-to-use solutions.”

Rodan + Fields developed its own unique approach, called Multi-Med Therapy, designed to take the guesswork out of creating a skincare routine for any skin concern. Formulas are developed using technologically advanced and clinically-demonstrated ingredients, which is why Rodan + Fields was the #1 premium skincare brand in North America in 2019, according to Euromonitor International Limited. “Rodan + Fields products are there to help target that concern head-on, providing visible results that truly help feeling more confident about your skin and how you look,” says Butani. “Providing people with the best skin of their lives is our constant inspiration for all future innovations.”

Ed. note: Rodan + Fields distributes via multi-level marketing wherein brand consultants both sell product and recruit others to join their team.

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Redefine Regimen

4 white bottles with grey text and blue stripes
Rodan + Fields Redefine Regimen $220.00

"If you’re starting to see those visible signs of aging appear, like fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, etc., the Redefine Regimen is for you," says Butani. One of the brand's many regimen lines, the Redefine Regimen is aimed at preventing skin aging. It comes with three steps—a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer—that you can amend to work with your lifestyle. You can choose between a clay cleanser or a foaming cleanser, and a cream and lotion for your AM and PM moisturizers. Four products, three steps, and it's like your skin is brand new.

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Brow Defining Boost

silver bottle with black text
Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost $112.00

Multi-purpose products will always be all the rage, and this brow gel/brow serum is no exception. It's a buildable tinted gel, created for those with thin, sparse brows looking to create volume and color, but also uses R+F's proprietary Lash Boost Technology to give the appearance of fuller brows over time. We love a product that keeps working long after it's been wiped from the face.

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Active Hydration Serum

silver bottle with black text
Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Serum $112.00

Anytime I see the word "hydrating" on a label, I'm hitting "add to cart." This serum promises up to eight hours of hydration from ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid, perfect for those whose skin is constantly begging for moisture. It's great when used alone, but it's a killer when used in preparation for makeup.

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Reverse Intensive Brightening Toner

white bottle with orange stripe and grey text
Rodan + Fields REVERSE Intensive Brightening Toner $50.00

Trying to get radiant, glass-looking skin? This brightening toner is exactly what your face needs. It uses kojic acid to brighten the skin's appearance, while salicylic and licorice acids work to improve skin's texture and fix discoloration.

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Soothe Rescue Mask

white tub with green stripe and grey text
Rodan + Fields SOOTHE Rescue Mask $66.00

If your skin is having a massive flare up, or just needs to go into time out to calm down, this mask is everything you'll need. Its main ingredients are glycerin and calamine (you know, the stuff you put on poison ivy) to make irritated skin feel and look healthier over time. This is a great mask to use when starting a new skincare regimen and experimenting with new ingredients—it'll help soothe any overactive skin that needs some TLC.

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Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex

silver tube with grey text
Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex $72.00

There comes a day in everyone's life when they decide it's time for an eye cream, and this might be your sign. If you're feeling personally attacked by that statement, why not try out this eye serum? Not only will it brighten and hydrate your undereye area, but phytonutrients and caffeine work together to reduce dark eye circles and undereye puffiness over time. It's time to take the plunge.

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R+F Lash Boost

silver tube with grey text
Rodan + Fields R+F Lash Boost $155.00

One of Rodan + Fields' hero products, this is a nightly eyelash serum designed to make sure you wake up with the Disney Princess eyelashes of your dreams. It will make your lashes look darker, fuller, and longer—like you're always wearing mascara. Blink and you won't miss anything, that's for sure.

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Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid SPF 30

white bottle with silver top and grey text
Rodan + Fields Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid SPF 30 $66.00

Unsurprisingly, a dermatologist-founded brand deeply recommends using sunscreen in any skincare routine. Rodan + Fields has many products featuring SPF, but I'm a big fan of this tinted moisturizer, which is a beautiful blend of makeup and skincare. It works to cover any blemishes and create an even skin tone, while also protecting you from the sun's rays, and of course, moisturizes the face. (There's no such thing as too much moisture.)

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Soothe Moisture Replenishing Cream

white bottle with grey text and green stripe
Rodan + Fields SOOTHE Moisture Replenishing Cream $58.00

If there's one thing I keep a big backstock of, it's moisturizers. This moisturizer will make your skin look dewy and fresh, while also using Rodan + Fields' proprietary RF Cold Fission technology to replenish the skin's natural moisturizing factors. Your skin will drink this up like water and thank you for it later.

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Redefine Lip Renewing Serum

white tub with grey and white text and blue stripe
Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum $58.00

Forget the tubs of yesteryear: This isn't your traditional lip balm. The Redefine Lip Renewing Serum really does serve as a serum for your lips—it comes in a capsule form, which you twist open and rub all over your lips in the evening. It'll not only help your lips maintain their moisture, but also improves the texture of your lips. It's like lip balm, but to the nth degree.

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Unblemish Clarifying Mask

white tub with purple stripe and grey text
Rodan + Fields UNBLEMISH Clarifying Mask $60.00

The idea of using sulfur on your face might seem a little scary, but it's the ingredient in this mask to truly make it shine. In 10 minutes, this mask will fully unclog your pores, treat and prevent acne, and improve the surface of skin. 10% sulfur works to purify acne bacteria, while oat bran extract soothes and reduces redness.

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Active Hydration Body Replenish

silver tub with grey text
Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Body Replenish $66.00

It's just as important to moisturize your face as it is to moisturize the rest of your body, and Rodan + Fields' Active Hydration Body Replenish is a luxury your skin will love. This cream is also full of glycerin and hyaluronic acid, working not only to hydrate the skin but also to lock the moisture in place. Your skin will look and feel as soft as a bunny, and you deserve it.

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