Rockettes Share Their Amazing Tips for Getting Toned Legs

It takes more than holiday training to be a Rockette. While the job is surely a dream of countless girls across the country, we were so impressed to learn the intense physical agenda that each dancer must abide by to perfect each scene and kick higher than the Empire State Building. Specifically, the time leading up to the show requires six days a week, six hours a day of kicks and choreography, a workout regimen we're fairly certain would knock us out. However, the payoff is huge, since on top of being a cultural phenomenon, the Rockettes have physiques one only dreams of. Which makes sense, considering that they each do 300 kicks per show. (Fun fact about that infamous kickline: The Rockettes create the illusion that they're holding onto each other, when in reality, they're not touching so they don't lean on each other and throw themselves off-sync. Pretty cool, right?)

With the holidays approaching, it's inevitable that we'll partake in some seriously indulgent eating, however, we want to be able to burn those calories off ASAP. To do that and then some, we learned some killer tips from Katie Walker, a veteran Rockette (eight years!) who taught us about getting a dancer's bodyspecifically, those infamous killer kickline legs.

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Editor's note: Quotes have been edited and shortened for content.

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Opening Image: Carlo Allegri/Reuters