7 Rock-Chic Hairstyles French Girls Would Approve Of

The rock-chic hairstyle is the coolest of hairstyles. There are many reasons why, but perhaps the main one is that it looks incredible without making you look like you're trying too hard. It's the hair equivalent of "Oh, this old thing." It's meant to look like you were born with that style. And there are plenty of It girls we've looked to for rock-chic hairstyle inspo over the years. 

But before we show you our favourite celebrities, we spoke to hairstylist George Northwood, who knows exactly how to create this style, as he's Alexa Chung's go-to hairdresser. What we're saying is that he practically invented this look. So what should you ask for when you're in the salon?

"We do a thing called invisible layering, slicing the hair through," Norwood tells us. "We remove different links of the hair from the shaft. So you'll end up with lots of different lengths rather than a blunt bob." Another point about this look is that it grows out incredibly well. According to Northwood, people find they like their haircut "better and better as it grows."

To show you just what we mean, we've picked seven photos of our favourite A-listers with this hairstyle for you to cut out and keep for your hairdresser. And if you're wondering what kind of product to use, we recommend anything that gives you texture, such as Balmain's Texturising Salt Spray (£23). Click through our gallery for the best rock-chic styles. 

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Kate Moss

Arguably the queen of this look, Moss has worn this shaggy-style 'do for years. 

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Freja Beha Erichsen

Androgynous model Freja Beha has always had super-cool hairstyles like this one.

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Alison Mosshart

The Kills singer has been through many different hair colours, but she always keeps this multilayered hairstyle.

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Caroline de Maigret

Über-chic French model and muse Caroline de Maigret is always one of our favourite go-tos for rock-chic hairstyle inspo.

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Suki Waterhouse

Paired with the dark eyebrows, we love this look even more. 

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Alexa Chung

Where would we be without Alexa Chung's choppy lob? 

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Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne has joined the ranks of the cool-girl haircut. 

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