Robes Are the Sartorial Key to Your Hygge Era—See Our Favorite Styles

Emma Corrin wears a white Hill House bathrobe with black trim and hair clips


What's better than a good robe on a chilly day? There’s nothing more pleasing to the senses and soothing to the soul—well, except maybe a weighted blanket, but robes are portable. Not all styles are created equal, though. Luckily, you have me—a Taurus sun and Venus—to usher you into your hygge era. Consider this your definitive guide to robe culture.

You’ll want to keep a few things in mind while shopping for robes. Sizing up is always a good idea, but especially when it comes to a garment that’s meant to optimize comfort above all else. Make sure your robe closes easily around the widest part of your body and the sleeves hit just past your wrist (or wherever they’re designed to fall) without feeling constrictive or shrunken. Fabric choice is also important, and if you’re serious about upping your robe game, you might want to own a few varieties for different occasions. Start with the below four, knowing the eventual goal is to slowly replace your entire wardrobe with robes and never leave your house again. Keep reading to learn all about our favorite types of robes, complete with picks to get you started on your search for ultimate coziness.

The Bathrobe

We all need a little something to carry us through the liminal space from bathroom to boudoir. While a sensible white terrycloth robe remains a hotel classic, you can elevate things to five-star status with a luxe Turkish cotton or linen robe. The key is to look for a lightweight, quick-drying fabric that won’t leave you sweaty or stick to your self-tanner. You’ll also want to choose something you can easily throw in the wash, since you’ll likely be donning it against bare skin multiple times a week.

The Glam Robe

Sure, you could get ready in your bathrobe, but nothing sets the tone for a night out quite like glamming up in something a little more, well, glam. This is the time to opt for a silky kimono or plush velvet jacquard—perhaps a feathered sleeve, if you’re feeling frisky. Whether you channel Jean Harlow, Rihanna, or Rita Ora at the 2017 EMAs, one thing’s for sure: A style like this is meant to make a statement.

The Cozy Robe

This is the maxi-length puffer coat of robes—it might not look so alluring, but it has the power to awaken a deep primal urge to be swaddled from head to toe. Bring in your bouclé, your sherpa, and your faux fur collars and cuffs: You deserve to thrive like this. Yes, you look like a marshmallow with arms—and they can all judge you if they want, but you have never, ever been happier!

The Indoor/Outdoor Robe

Also known as a robe coat, this is a robe that’s as suitable for a dog walk or bodega run as it is for a RHONY marathon on your couch. Repurpose a funky knit duster, a long wool coat, a colorful faux fur… anything can be a robe if you believe! The key to nailing the robe aesthetic is a long, straight silhouette with a simple tie closure: You won’t want extra buttons, pockets, or structured elements cramping your comfy style. The purpose of the indoor-outdoor robe is to let you stay as cozy as possible—and look good doing it.

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