3 Days, 7 Products: How I Survived a Coastal Vacation as a Beauty Minimalist


Dacy Knight

As much as I've fine-tuned my skills for packing light—I can go from two days to two weeks in a carry-on—beauty supplies are a category that I always overpack. While in sum, the products themselves are typically small and don't take up too much luggage real estate, I also find myself carrying around way too many liquids, gels, and what-have-you (something TSA agents are never happy to find). So when Chevrolet invited me on a three-day getaway in La Jolla (to celebrate the launch of its newest mid-size SUV), I used the quick road trip as an opportunity to finally challenge myself to streamline my approach to beauty while on the road.

While the new 2018 Chevrolet Traverse had ample space for all my luggage—and then some—to practice life as a beauty minimalist, I challenged myself to only bring seven beauty products—including for hair. I spent the weeks before the trip debating which products would make it into my final edit, playing around with makeup looks and trying to determine what beauty multitaskers could best suit my many needs. I ended up surviving the three days with just seven products, and while there are some things I'd switch out for future road trips or short getaways, I was satisfied with how my chosen handful of beauty products performed and was glad to have them in my company.

Head below to see how I survived a coastal vacation as a beauty minimalist, and see which products made the cut.

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