A Love Letter to Rituel de Fille, the Witchy Makeup Line of My Dreams

I wish there were a word in the English language for when something is so exquisite, so spellbindingly lovely that it makes you overcome with emotion. (I checked with Byrdie’s resident linguist, Amanda Montell, and the closest thing is the Yiddish word verklempt, which describes a person who is too emotional to speak.) I experienced this a few weeks ago in Paris when I had the most delicious lamb tagliatelle at the restaurant Frenchie. I took a bite and literally felt tears welling up in my eyes because the umami flavor and perfectly al dente pasta was just that good. Call me overemotional, but I swear my taste buds may never recover.

It might sound silly to non-beauty people, but there’s a certain makeup line that makes me feel the same way: It’s called Rituel de Fille, and it’s the witchy, nontoxic makeup line of my dreams. There’s something about the way the creamy, light-reflecting pigments that melt so seamlessly into your skin and the unexpected-yet-flattering shades—not to mention the sleek packaging and high-quality ingredients—that makes me want to scream about it from the mountaintops in a lovesick haze, like someone in a new relationship (oh, just me?). Keep scrolling to learn more about Ritual de Fille and my three favorite products in the line.