I Get Crazy Compliments Every Time I Wear This Product

My fellow Byrdie editors have been writing about the products that earn them compliments (and dates!) recently, which has prompted me to search deep within myself to contemplate the same. This is actually not as vain of an act as it might seem but rather done in the name of research and the greater good of humankind. After all, if a product makes people say, "What is that on your face?" to me (in a good way, not in a you-have-salad-on-your-chin way), then there's a high chance you'll experience the same. So really, I'm a beauty humanitarian of sorts. 

As I was racking my brain over this very important topic, one product came to mind. Not only do I own it in every shade, but it's also the first thing I blurt out when people ask me for makeup recommendations. I've dedicated an entire post to my love for the brand that makes this product, I've grabbed iPhones out of strangers' hands to show them its beauty on Instagram, and I will probably be buried with a ring of them around my head like a halo or clasped tightly to my chest like the ancient Italians did with loaves of clay

The product is Rituel de Fille's Rare Light Luminizer, and I won't shut up about it for as long as I live.