This Vitamin Company Just Launched The Perfect Multivitamin For Women Over 50


If you’re all about getting a dose of extra nutrients in capsule form, you probably know supplements haven’t exactly had the best reputation over the past couple years. One 2015 investigation found herbal supplements sold by major retailers only included 21 percent of the ingredients they claimed to, and certain calcium supplements were found to be useless at best, harmful at worst. Yikes.

In an effort to protect your body, mind, and wallet, the vitamin company Ritual set out to change that when they raised $10.5 million in funding and launched Essential For Women in 2016, a multivitamin that contains nine quality ingredients. Now, they’re working on breaking another big barrier: They’re bringing women over 50 into the wellness conversation with the launch of Essential for Women 50+

Billed as “the reimagined multivitamin for women post-menopause,” Essential for Women 50+ is exactly what it sounds like—a rigorously researched multivitamin that delivers all the necessary nutrients to support healthy, vibrant aging. 

Rather than using 20+ ingredients your body will hardly absorb (another annoying truth regarding your average supplement), Essential for Women 50+ features just eight quality nutrient forms sourced from around the world. This includes omega-3 DHA from microalgae, certified vegan vitamin D3, non-soy vitamin K2 MK7, and chelated magnesium. Ritual isn’t just proud to be launching another top-notch, transparently-sourced product—they’re also proud to be speaking directly to women over 50. 

"56 percent of women 50+ do not feel represented in media or advertising today,” Kat Scheider, Ritual’s founder and CEO, explains. “According to research, our 50s are the most optimistic time in our lives, and our own survey of 300 women ages 50-70 shows that 79 percent of women are optimistic about their futures.” She adds that while this inspiring decade coincides with a major physical transition, a lot of women feel like there’s more to learn about their nutritional needs and what to expect. “We believe education about what is going on with our bodies over time is crucial and often forgotten when it comes to the current industry,” she explains. 

While Ritual’s mission has always been about women deserving to know what they’re putting in their bodies, this becomes even more important when women over 50 are brought into the fold. “Women over 50 are tuning in with why they need a multivitamin, but a traceable, scientific and clean solution has never existed,” Schneider adds. 

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Ritual Essential for Women 50+ $35

Ritual’s Essential For Women 50+ is now available for purchase for $35 a month, and digestible details of all eight of the nutrients included can be found on the site, along with just how clean their product is (it’s vegan certified, gluten and allergen-free, and contains no colorants or synthetic fillers, to name a few). It explains exactly which parts of the body and mind each capsule supports. 

Here’s to creating ethically-sourced, well-researched products to women who aren't in their 20s—and to getting the necessary nutritional support for your body at any age.

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