Forget the Metal—These Ring Finger Tattoos Will Stay With You Forever

The perfect replacement if wedding bands aren't your style.

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Wedding rings are typically exchanged during a marriage ceremony and are worn as a reminder of a major milestone in your life. In traditional wedding vows, couples promise to love each other “‘til death do us part.” And while intentions are certainly for feelings to last forever, metal rings don't always live up to the same promise. People often grow out of them (be it physically or just outgrowing a certain style), they're expensive, and they're easy to lose. Instead, many couples are opting for ring finger tattoos for a permanent way to symbolize marriage. Ahead, see some of the most stunning ring finger tattoos to ink as newlyweds.

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Minimal Midi Ring Tattoo

Ring Finger Tattoo Minimalist Line


Why not keep it super simple with a basic, medium-thick line band? This minimalist tattoo adds another unique element by placing it near the top of the finger, making it a midi ring.

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Dainty Floral Ring Tattoo

Adding florals to the basic ring shape makes it seem like the plant is wrapping around the finger, adding a sense of movement to the tattoo. The watercolor technique gives colorful depth and makes it feel light and dainty.

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Wave & Cut-Out Ring Tattoo

Ring Finger Tattoo Wave


If you’re getting matching ring finger tattoos with your other half, consider designs that can be inversions of each other. This band features heavy blackwork on the wave and cut-out elements.

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Mobius Arrow Ring Tattoo

This design mimics the shape of a Mobius, a conveyor belt that seems to go in a constant loop, representing the idea of forever. The arrow elements call to mind Cupid’s arrow, suggesting the tattoo is meant to show that their love will last forever.

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Growing Vine Ring Tattoo

A ring finger tattoo doesn’t have to be a traditional band shape. This design wraps around the finger multiple times to give the illusion of a growing vine.

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Small Notched Ring Tattoo

Want a super minimalist tattoo but don’t want to sacrifice personality? This thin band tattoo is delicate and elegant to begin with, but the added notch component makes it unique and adds an element of design.

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Dotted Ring Tattoo

Another suggestion for jazzing up a basic band design is to play with dot detailing. Here, the dots are added above to create a parallel, dotted band.

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Pastel Flowers Ring Tattoo

This dainty flower ring takes the idea of a traditional band and adds elements to make it feel more elegant. For one, the band doesn’t go straight across; instead, it twists as it wraps around the finger and doesn’t connect. Also, the colors used for the ink are pastel, and a watercolor effect is apparent.

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Three Triangles Ring Tattoo

This specific design is a great way to represent a number of things in a relationship. The three triangles could be a crown, to represent the royalty of your partner or symbolize something personal. They could also be mountains, representing the strength and beauty of your love. Or, it could represent something completely different, depending on what it means to the wearer.

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Rainbow Dots Ring Tattoo

Create a whimsical ring-finger design that still feels simple by using colored dots. While the placement is that of a traditional band, the dots only go across the top of the finger, giving it a minimalist feel.

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Infinity Band Ring Tattoo

Ring Finger Tattoo Infinity Band


Mimic the appearance of a real metal ring by running two lines parallel to create the illusion of a thick band. Here, the two lines overlap in the front to give the impression of an infinity sign, emphasizing the purpose of the ring as a reminder of forever, and of your love’s undying nature.

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Full-Finger Ring Tattoo

Ring Finger Tattoo Full Length


Getting a full ring finger tattoo doesn’t need to be super dark or super complicated. Here, the band itself is a thick, filled in line with a small design radiating out of it. There are then a few dots by the nail, making the design feel like it stretches over the finger without being in your face about it.

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Silhouette Ring Tattoo

Ring Finger Tattoo Silhouette Face


This specific design uses a thin line, wiggly line that gives the tattoo a very dainty feeling. The design itself is actually the silhouette of this person’s other half's face, which gives an elegant personalization to an otherwise minimal design.

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White Ring Tattoo

This ring finger tattoo design uses a few different elements to create a unique and interesting tattoo. Rather than simply drawing a black band, the tattooer opts to use white, making it both stand out and slightly hidden. The underside also features a wave design, interrupting the continual line and adding movement.

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Snake Ring Tattoo

This small snake is a great alternative to a design based on the traditional wedding ring. Instead of getting a band, consider getting a symbol, like this snake, that is in some way symbolically significant to you. Here, the snake is shaded on one side to give it a 3D and filled-in effect.

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Varied Dots Ring Tattoo

Ring Finger Tattoos Varied Dots


Unlike the dot detailing we’ve seen on a lot of other ring finger tattoos, this ink uses dots of varying sizes to put more designing into the dots, rather than just using them as a detail. The tattoo also isn’t a straight-across band; instead, it seems to twist around the finger.

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Bow Ring Tattoo

Here, the ring features a literal bow, tattooed using a fairly thin line, making it feel less shoelace and more delicate tie. It’s also a nod to the ring’s job to remind the person getting it of their wedding.

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Two Leaves Ring Tattoo

Make a simple, medium-thick band tattoo something more personal by adding two leaf details to signify you and your other half. The simple nature of the tattoo makes it feel sleek, simple, and elegant.

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Roman Numeral Ring Tattoo

Since a ring finger tattoo is supposed to help commemorate your wedding—an important life event—consider getting its date tattooed in place of a ring. You could use Roman numerals to give it a sense of permanence and lasting.

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Single Line Ring Tattoo

What more do you need for a ring than a simple band? This ring finger tattoo uses a very basic design and a thin line to create a minimalist band that feels delicate and minimal.

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Simple Flowers Ring Tattoo

If you want to keep your ring finger tattoo minimal but still fun, try adding some basic floral details. By using the same thickness of outline as the band, the flowers feel part of it, rather than placed on top of it.

It's worth noting that finger tattoos might fade faster. This is because we frequently use and wash our fingers and hands, potentially causing more expedited wear and tear over time. Before you get your tattoo, make sure you ask your tattoo artist to be realistic with you about how often you'll need to come in for touch-ups.

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Colored Floral Ring Tattoo

Ring Finger Tattoo Colorful Floral


Ok, we know this is on the middle finger, but it's still a viable option no matter which finger you choose. Add a bit of whimsy to your ring finger tattoo by creating a band shape out of disconnected elements. The color and floral design used here also make the ink feel bright and dainty.

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Bird Inner Finger Ring Tattoo

This small tattoo is placed in the inner finger, meaning the ink stays relatively hidden. It’s a design meant to be enjoyed more by the person getting the tattoo than others looking at it. Customize the design with something meaningful to you, like an animal.

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