This Rimmel Beauty Video Will Change the Way You Use Instagram

Over 115 million images are deleted online every year due to beauty cyberbullying. 73% of those people who have been beauty cyberbullied have considered changing their appearance as a result. And it's been reported that 22.8 million women worldwide went on to self-harm (either through substance abuse, eating disorders or cutting themselves) following online beauty bullying. 

These are just some of the shocking stats released by Rimmel and anti-cyberbullying charity The CyberSmile Foundation ahead of Rimmel's new #IWillNotBeDeleted campaign. 

To coincide with anti-bullying week, Rimmel has launched a new global campaign– raising awareness of the societal issue and standing up for the 55 million people worldwide who have experienced beauty cyberbullying.

The “I will not be deleted” video showcases real stories with beauty influencers, models, celebrities and social media users– all of whom have experienced beauty cyberbullying at some stage in their life. 

Rimmel's global ambassadors Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne also appear in the video, shedding light on the negativity and judgment they too receive online.  

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the issue, provide practical support and help to defeat discrimination standing in the way of self-expression. It's a powerful message and something we think everyone should watch.

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