If You Aren't Shopping for Beauty at Riley Rose Yet, WYD?

If Sephora and Ulta are the older and middle sisters, respectively, of beauty retail, then Riley Rose is their younger, funkier, pink-obsessed sibling. It's the brainchild of Forever21, a fact made almost immediately apparent as soon as you set foot in the store. Geared toward millennials and Gen Z with price points accessible to both age groups, the cotton candy–colored aisles are filled with products that'll enchant them: unicorn hair masks, roll-on stardust, and enough highlighter choices to glow in the dark, as well as top-quality beauty brands. There are only a handful of locations in the U.S., but just as you get sucked into a dark hole of e-shopping on F21's site, you can still fill up your (digital) cart with a ton of sweet beauty swag without breaking the bank. Below take a look at some of our favorite buys from the low-key, hip new haunt.