Rihanna's Milky Nails Perfectly Complimented Her All-Fur Outfit

The milky manicure strikes again.

Rihanna on the red carpet

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Rihanna and her team must be working overtime lately, as the singer has not yet stepped out in an outfit that doesn’t look avant-garde. She’s, as Gen Z would say, “mother” when it comes to styling her baby bump with expensive fabrics, designer handbags, and literal diamonds—and there’s no sign that she’s stopping. Rihanna just hit the town in an (almost) all-fur outfit that she paired with chic milky nails.

Rihanna has been wearing a lot of fur lately, and she went full sci-fi-primitive-girl with her outfit on May 5 as she strolled the streets of NYC. She wore a grey fur cropped turtleneck and a trailing cream and brown fur coat, along with a brown leather mini skirt. In true Rihanna style, she had her baby bump out, and accessorized the look with futuristic white framed sunnies with black lenses, diamond earrings, diamond rings, and snakeskin heels with pointe shoe-style straps that traveled up to her knee.

Rihanna in a fur coat and crop top

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Rihanna’s outfit was packed with varying textures and colors that can be tricky to tie together in terms of manicures, but her sheer milky tips did the job perfectly. She wore her nails at a medium length with a square tip, and for polish went with a cool-toned milk bath manicure that’s on the slightly sheer side.

A milk bath manicure is a great example of the “my nails but better” trend; a manicure style that offers a highly polished appearance that makes the nails look natural yet enhanced. Countless stars have been wearing the trend’s offshoot manicures in their daily lives—like the lip gloss nails Jennifer Aniston wore in her kitchen or the Megan Thee Stallion's strawberry milk nails—since it’s the perfect no-frills (and neutral) nail that’ll go with virtually everything.

Rihanna's milky manicure

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Still, this past Met Gala proved that the manicure type, although minimal, is ideal for pairing with riskier looks since they don’t take away from the drama of an outfit, they just add polished accents. Rihanna riffed off this idea, and her nails added a touch of simplicity to round out her highly editorial outfit.

And the best part? A milky manicure is almost too simple to recreate at home—all you’ll need is a base coat, sheer white nail polish, and a top coat. First, prep the nails by pushing your cuticles back, filing into your desired shape, and buffing the nail bed. Then, apply a base coat to your nails, and follow that with sheer white nail polish. You can choose the Le Manoir Gel Care Gel Polish in Coconut Milk ($19) for an at-home gel manicure or opt for the Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer in Fine China ($22) for a standard polish—but if you only have opaque white nail polish at home, you can sheer it out by mixing it with a few drops of clear top coat.

After applying two coats of your sheer white nail polish, finish the entire look off with a topcoat. You’ll be well on your way to a manicure that goes with any outfit, from comfy jeans and a tee to your more daring weekend ensembles.

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