8 Beauty Secrets We Learned From Rihanna's Makeup Tutorial



When it comes to makeup, Rihanna is untouchable. Bad Gal RiRi has been serving us the best beauty looks for years and changed the entire makeup game when she dropped her revolutionary makeup line Fenty Beauty. If you can snuggle under the covers and watch YouTube tutorials for hours, today's your lucky day because this makeup tutorial trumps all. Rihanna just graced the cover of Vogue, and along with that, she released a 10-minute makeup tutorial that is pure gold.

Rihanna is so relatable and always keeps it real. She's no different in this getting-ready routine where she shares everything from learning how to contour to how she began slaying her own makeup. "I have been watching women do makeup since my mom, and then I started working in an industry where it was going to be a part of my everyday, basically, so I picked up a lot of tips," she says. And as you can imagine, Rihanna's been in many makeup chairs but admits that sometimes you just know how to do certain parts of your own makeup the best. "I'm super, super caught up about my brows and my nose contour," she says. Same, girl.

My friends and I have been texting iconic lines from her tutorial back and forth to each other all day like: "Hide that double chin—yasss," "When you get greasy on the fly, honey, it is no joke," and "the blend is real." As a resident Rihanna lover, I've watched her tutorial too many times to say this morning, but here are her best beauty gems.