Did Rihanna Wear Secret Fenty Beauty Products to the Ocean's 8 Premiere?

In our dream world, Rihanna would hold a makeup masterclass, and we'd be sitting front-row. When it comes to her ever-changing beauty looks, can you ever get enough of? Nope, not possible. She stuns every single time. As you can imagine, we were tuned in to last night's Ocean's 8 premiere to see how she'd slay the red carpet. This is one of the biggest acting roles RiRi has ever done. Her character is a badass hacker named Nine Ball in the film, so of course, she showed up in badass Fenty Beauty makeup. 

Global makeup artist for Fenty Beauty Priscilla Ono created the dreamiest ultraviolet purple makeup look. When metallic meets purple tones, you know it's going to be killer. Luckily, Ono shared most of the makeup products she used last night so we can practice in the mirror to re-create this look.