Whoa—Did Rihanna Just Start a New Brow Trend?

Oh, RiRi—we can always count on you to give a middle finger to the beauty norm and do your own badass thing. Case in point: The bold brow situation going on in the album for her new album, R8. But perhaps “bold” is not a strong enough word—no, these babies are super thick, straight across, and completely filled in. Think a modern-day Frida Kahlo, without a single stray hair out of place. Refinery 29 reports that makeup artist Yadim is responsible for the dramatic not-quite-arched arches (or arch, singular), which he paired with smudgy eye makeup and thick, thick lip liner. Edgy and fabulous with a “DGAF” attitude—yup, this look is everything Rihanna, and we couldn’t be more on board. Since straight-across brows (albeit a more subtle, natural version) are a huge trend in Asia already, we wouldn’t be surprised if the look starts to gain traction stateside. After all, if anyone’s going to start a beauty rebellion, who better than Rihanna? What do you think of this look? Sound off below!

-[Refinery 29]