The On-Tour Beauty Essentials of Beyoncé, Ariana, and More


Getty/Andrew Francis Wallace

Even if performing for sold-out stadiums isn't exactly on our agenda tonight, that doesn't mean we don't have lots to learn from the A-list musicians who do exactly that on a regular basis. Think about it: If Ariana Grande's go-to primer keeps her face shine-free during an hours-long, dance-filled performance, it can probably withstand your sweaty July commute, right? And aren't you just a tiny bit curious about the beauty items that populate Queen Bey's tour rider?

Look no further—we tracked down the beauty essentials that our favorite performers keep on hand even as they're crisscrossing the globe. From Grimes's fascinating use for lipstick to Selena Gomez's portable sauna (yes, really), keep reading to see their backstage must-haves.