This Scary Thing Can Happen After Spin Class

A little over a month ago, my brother texted me that he and his girlfriend were going to his first-ever spin class. Imagining my brother on a stationary bike among a group of (mostly) women pedal-pushing to house music was nothing short of hysterical. He’s the antithesis of a spin class–goer—a semiactive 30-year-old who can eat a family-size Jack in the Box meal with zero shame.

Afterward, he sent me a follow-up message.

“The low point was when the instructor asked ‘Who’s getting brunch after this?’ and everyone cheered. The lower point was when one of the workers offered to take my spin shoes to the box at the end because I was having trouble standing up.”

I figured he’d be a little sore after the class. I’ve only been to one spin class in my entire life and remember my backside hurting the day after from the seat being wedged up in there for the better part of an hour. I tried to go a second time post-brunch but got a little too friendly with the bottomless Bloody Marys and was in no condition to spin, let alone hop on a subway. No wonder my brother’s instructor asked who was getting brunch after the class. Rookie mistake.

What I didn’t expect, however, was just how sore he’d actually end up. As in admitted-to-the-ER sore.

How do you prevent exercise-related injuries? Please share with us below!