RFLCT Is a Skincare Line for Anyone With High Screen Time

RFLCT protects against blue light skin damage.

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Even if you’re taking time to unplug, you might still be racking up hours of screen time with everything from answering emails to binge-watching your favorite shows. According to a 2019 study, the average American adult spends 8.5 hours in front of a screen. And if you’ve ever wondered what that means for your skin, you’re not alone. Interest in blue light prevention has skyrocketed (we’re already stocking up on blue light blocking glasses), and now a new skincare brand wants to be sure your skin is covered, too.

Introducing RFLCT, the new easy-to-use skincare brand formulated with BLPF (Blue Light Prevention Factor) technology. Featuring five products with blue light prevention, RFLCT has everything you need to overhaul your skincare routine, especially if your screentime is high.

RFLCT co-founder Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter knows a thing or two about screen time. The female gamer, entrepreneur, and content creator has racked up millions of subscribers and almost as many hours streaming and gaming. Her livelihood means cutting down on blue light time isn't really an option, and that's where the inspiration for the brand came from.

For more on the new launch, the brand's innovative approach to skincare, and the products, read on.



The Story

"As you can imagine as a gamer, I'm glued to my screens," Hofstetter tells Byrdie exclusively, "I started to wear blue light-blocking glasses because I felt the physical impact on my eyes and body. That really was the moment that made me question how I was defending my skin from blue light pollution."

According to Hofstetter, RFLCT offers more than just skincare; it's a wellness company. "It's a health-focused brand that helps defend skin from blue light pollution. After gaming for years, I had a lot of physical issues, and that's when I knew I had to overhaul and prioritize my health."

She also wanted to educate and bring awareness around blue light and its effects to everyone in our tech-focused world. Even if you aren't a gamer, you're probably still spending a lot of time in front of screens. Blue light, typically emitted from our devices, may lead to premature aging and skin damage because it penetrates more deeply than UV rays. While plenty of UV-blocking sunscreen options are available, affordable and accessible blue light prevention isn't as easy to find on shelves.

"It’s made for all skin types and not only will this benefit other gamers, but it’ll benefit pretty much every single person who uses a screen in general, whether that’s your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. We can all benefit from this skincare line," Hofstetter explains.

The Products

The line offers end-to-end blue light skincare solutions, starting with the Aura Reset Facial Gel Cleanser ($18). This foaming cleanser gently exfoliates, while offering blue light prevention through the brand's proprietary BLPF technology. You’ll find glycolic and lactic acid and skin-strengthening niacinamide in the ingredient list.

Next up, the whipped moisturizer Screen Shield Defense Face Moisturizer ($24) is equal parts protecting and hydrating. Along with blue light prevention ingredients, you’ll find sodium hyaluronate and glycerin in the formula.

The launch also features two eye products, no surprise given the strain blue light and screen time can cause on the eyes. The Eye Revive Gel Treatment ($20) is soothing, depuffing, and brightening while still offering the screen protection you need. And, the Resurrection Eye Mask($24) is refreshing, soothing, and brightening. 

Lastly, one of the founder's favorites is the Lip Guard Moisture Balm ($12). "I have gone through so many since starting the brand and I love that it has a matte finish. Also, a staple for me is the Screen Shield Defense Face Moisturizer that uses the BLPF technology," says Hofstetter.

The Review

I'll be honest; I haven't looked too much into blue light prevention. Even as I type this on a computer and ignore my phone's weekly screen time updates, I'm still in denial about how much screen time I actually get. So, incorporating blue light prevention into my routine with products I already use daily seems like the easiest way. First up, I tried the cleanser, which lathered up nicely and left my skin feeling clean without feeling stripped, easy enough to work into my skincare routine. 

Next, the moisturizer was quick-absorbing, and the pump made it even easier to use. It was a bit light for nighttime use, so ideally, I would use this in the morning. I was excited to see there were two eye products because I'm usually feeling the eye strain from my screens by the end of the day. I liked how the masks stayed put without slipping off my face, which means gamers could apply these and get right back into playing.

While the masks were cooling, I felt like I needed something a bit more hydrating and would probably layer it with the eye gel. So far, my favorite was the balm. It was so moisturizing without feeling waxy or heavy. I also love that it's unflavored—it's already my new favorite balm.

You can shop RFLCT at rflct.com today and ulta.com on October 24.

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