TikTok Keeps Selling Out This $11 Lipstick

The Revlon Glass Shine Lipsticks have gone viral for good reason.

Revlon Glass Shine Lipstick


Drugstore makeup has changed a lot since I was a teen in the mid-2000s. Drugstore brands have really upped their game across the board, giving luxury products a true run for their money.

Revlon has been leading the pack for decades as one of the primary drugstore brands, and their Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipsticks ($12) are the latest in a long line of success stories—this time with a viral stamp of approval from lipstick lovers across the Internet. The lipsticks are formulated to lavish lips in brilliant color with lots of glassy shine, as the name suggests. But do they hold up to the high praise of TikTok?

The Hype

The lipsticks initially launched in 2020 as a sister to the existing Super Lustrous collection, one of Revlon’s long-running lines. However, it wasn’t until the end of 2022 that they really picked up steam—all because of (what else) TikTok.

There’s nothing TikTokers love more than a drugstore unicorn—a product that works as well (if not better) than a more expensive option, and one you can easily find at a CVS or RiteAid near you. Users shouted out the glassy shine, comfortable wear and gorgeous color of the lipsticks, especially the ‘90s mainstay Rum Raisin, which was given a modern makeover as part of the lineup and is the breakout star of the collection. The lipsticks give lips an effortless wash of shiny color like the ideal fusion of a gloss and lipstick, but they don’t feel sticky or drying. The price point isn’t anything to scoff at either; depending on where you snag one, Glass Shine Lipsticks run about $11.

The TikTok effect has absolutely come for the Glass Shine Lipsticks. If you want to try the look for yourself, good luck! The lipsticks are sold out everywhere; I’d been tracking them at my local drugstores for weeks to no avail. Amazon does occasionally have shades in stock, but if you want TikTok’s shining star, Rum Raisin, you may be waiting a long time. (Pro tip: Visit your local drugstore regularly and you may get lucky on restock day.) Nude Illuminator and Toasting Glasses are also super popular shades to keep an eye out for.

My Review

I was able to get my hands on a handful of colors to test thanks to the brand, but even they didn’t have Rum Raisin in stock. They did, however, send a breadth of new shades so I could experience everything from the wine purple Sheer Mulberry to the bright pink-red Love Is On to the sheer crystalline Sparkling Quartz.

Revlon Glass Shine Lipstick Swatches

Kara Nesvig

I’ll spare you selfies as I’m currently in the “extreme flaking” stage of a deep chemical peel, but I found the Glass Shine Lipsticks easy to apply with a light gourmand fragrance. True to Revlon’s claims, the formula melts into lips while slicking them with shine. I’ve never been a gloss girl, always a matte lipstick fan, but in recent years have found a real love for a shiny tinted balm, so these hit that sweet spot quite nicely. They’re also super layerable, so if the first coat doesn’t give you quite the color and shine you desire, another layer won’t hurt.

Wear time isn’t great, considering the lightweight, glossy finish; you’d definitely need to reapply frequently if you’re wearing a Glass Shine Lipstick to an event or if you’re out for dinner. I liked the balance of color and shine and found myself gravitating away from my usual reds towards the neutral Toasting Glasses and the merlot Sheer Mulberry. 

Because the line is so vast, color-wise, you can easily mix and match or layer colors to your preference, and if you’re looking for an inexpensive option to add to your lipstick lineup, these are a safe bet. You may just need to do a little drugstore archaeology to find them.

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