Watch: This High-Tech New Hair Dryer Straightens and Dries at the Same Time

I’ve never been much of a pro at wielding a blow-dryer—I’m much too impatient, and my upper arm strength is lacking. But when I found out Revlon was launching a brand new hair dryer with a swivel nozzle that dries and straightens at the same time, I knew I had to give it a go. The high-tech dryer features a 360 degree nozzle so that you can actually slide sections of your hair in between, where the air flows downward and leaves your strands smooth and sleek; or, you can twist the nozzle and use it like a traditional hair-dryer. Genius.

My hair is naturally a bit poofy and rough with a slight wave, and I definitely noticed a difference in the finish when I used this hair dryer. It’s not the most time-saving option—it took over 30 minutes to get my hair completely dry, and sliding my hair through the dryer made the actual drying process feel longer. However, my hair was noticeably smoother on the side where I used the 360 feature—you can see the difference in the video above. Overall, this is a great option for if you have normal to wavy hair and want to cut down on your heat tool usage. It won’t make your hair pin-straight, but it will add shine and smooth flyaways. Plus, at $60, it’s a relative steal. 

Shop the hair dryer below!

Revlon 360° Dual Fast Dry Hair Dryer and Styler $60

What do you think— would you give this hair dryer a try? 

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