I Tried The Viral RevAir Hair Dryer on My Natural Curls—Here's What Happened

It cut my dry time significantly.

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RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer

revair reverse hair dryer


What We Like
  • Low heat temperatures to reduce damage

  • Reduces drying time

  • Innovative technology

What We Don't Like

  • Bulky design that is space-consuming

  • Noisy

  • Doesn't eliminate the need for a flat iron depending on your desired results


RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer

revair reverse hair dryer


Having natural hair is fun because, one day, you can rock a full-on 'fro, and the next, you can press your hair bone-straight. When using hot tools to blowdry or straighten natural hair, approaching cautiously is the general rule of thumb. See, hot tools are helpful but can cause temporary (or long-lasting) damage if done improperly or excessively. So when options that promise blow-dried curls with minimal damage make their way on the market, they're worth paying attention to. 

The RevAir Reverse Dryer ($399) is the world's first and only reverse hair dryer that aims to make the art of drying a simpler, quicker, and more effective process for all hair types. The key to this tool's magic is an aerodynamically designed wand that can dry, stretch, and straighten hair, whether loose or worn in a protective style like locs or extensions. The tool features seven tension settings that you can apply based on your hair texture. You put your hair into the wand, where it's suctioned in for 90 seconds. Once you pull back the wand, your hair should be dried, sleek, and straighter. 

I was intrigued by RevAir's claim to be a quicker way to straighter strands, so I put it to the test. Read my honest review ahead.

Best for: All hair types, especially natural hair

About the brand: RevAir is a high-tech beauty company that launched in 2018. It's buzzy Reverse-Air Dryer is one of the first of its kind, and promises damage-free straightening results.

About my hair: Curly and color treated

I have thick, type 3b hair that I heat style no more than three times a year—at most. I resort to air-drying for the majority of my styles, and if I need to accelerate the process, I use a diffuser. Blow drying my hair straight can take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes based on how wet my hair is and how much time I have. When I am straightening my hair with a blow dryer and flat iron, that process can take up to three hours, depending on my hair's condition, schedule, and patience. Overall, I try to limit my heat use to avoid additional damage to my color-treated hair.

The Process: Protecting before using hot tools

Before applying heat to my hair, I like to make sure I am prepping my strands to keep them hydrated and healthy. I started by shampooing my hair with The Mane Choice H20h! Deep Cleansing Shampoo ($10), followed by the Deep Conditioning Masque ($10). Afterward, I sectioned my hair with the RevAir Pro Clips ($10) and detangled my hair with the brand's long tooth comb ($15). Once my hair was cleansed and detangled, I applied the Play It Straight Rich Balm Hair Primer ($8), which helps reduce drying time, increase manageability, and smooth frizz. It's important to note that it is recommended to avoid using a primer with oil to prevent the wand from malfunctioning or eroding. Therefore, your go-to heat protectants or primers may not suit the RevAir. 

This isn't a small device, so I had to make sure I had enough free counter space for it to fit comfortably. The wand has seven different tension settings and three temperature settings, and it's recommended to start up to a level three when you begin. I turned on the machine and was surprised at how loud it was—similarly to a vacuum cleaner. I inserted my hair into the wand, held the tool's base to my scalp, and waited for 90 seconds. The suction sensation of the device might take some getting used to, but I felt very minimal heat on my scalp and near my ears, which is different compared to tools I am used to.

I pulled the wand away from my scalp and stretched out my hair. After seeing the third tension level results, I gradually worked my way up to the maximum tension and heat setting, where I saw the best results. While operating the dryer on the highest levels, the heat still felt lighter than your standard hot tool, and I didn't feel any steam or smell any burning. I felt confident to continue the process throughout my hair and completed all sections in 16 minutes. 

The Results: Straight strands quickly

byrdie contributor desiree johnson's before and after results from the revair dryer

Desiree Johnson/Byrdie

My hair was dry, flat, and stretched without any noticeable breakage or a burning smell. To have completed this process in less than 20 minutes was impressive, and I am happy I sustained virtually no heat damage. My hair was smoothed and soft. One of the most remarkable results of the tool was that it flattened almost all of my roots without kinks or curls, which is usually the greatest challenge when straightening my hair. 

While my hair was dry, straightened, and stretched, I still felt I'd have to go over it with a flat iron to achieve my desired finished look. If I were prepping my hair for a protective style, the texture achieved with the RevAir would be perfect.

Still, I didn't think the results were comparable to the silky smoothness you'd get after a silk press or going over hair with a flat iron. However, it drastically cut my hair drying time from two hours to 20 minutes—a huge win in my book. RevAir's Reverse Dryer was an asset in my hairstyling routine, but not enough to ditch my flat iron if super silky, bone-straight hair is my end goal. 

The Value

The RevAir Pro continues to run out of stock which speaks to its demand, considering the tool alone costs $399and the package (including the hair towel, spray bottle, shine spray, sectioning clips, and more) is upwards of $450. While the price is steeper than most blow dryers on the market, it is the first of its kind if you're looking for a unique product.

The dryer caters to all hair types and textures, I believe it's a great investment for people with natural hair looking to cut back on styling time while lowering the risk of heat damage. RevAir does offer a 30-day warranty and an easy return policy if you purchase the tool and are less than satisfied with it. 

Similar Products 

The RevAir is one-of-a-kind reverse air tool, but it isn't the only dryer that can provide salon-quality results at home. The Le Styliste Luxe Digital Salon Dryer ($245) helps minimize frizz and has four heat and three-speed settings. It's highly reviewed at beauty retailers like ULTA for its smooth design and quality results. The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ($235) dries hair fast and can be used on any hair texture. Industry experts love Dyson's innovation because of its small design, powerful motor, and inaudible frequency for a seamless experience. Lastly, the Bellissima Diffon DF1 5000 Curly Dryer With Ceramic & Argan Oil Technology ($99) is a hybrid model that dries hair while helping enhance the shine. It features two temperature combinations and is designed to work with all curl types.

Final Verdict

If you're a frequent blow-drier or just looking to invest in preventing heat damage, then this is a great product to have in your arsenal. If you are like me and don't straighten your hair frequently, it may not be the best use of money. Regardless, RevAir's dryer is unlike any device and is highly versatile for all hair types (including protective styles). I wish it were small enough to fit in a suitcase or travel bag, as an option for touching up hair, especially with braids or twists on vacation. Still, if regular blowdrying is part of your routine, it's worth considering. 


  • Product Name Reverse-Air Dryer
  • Product Brand RevAir
  • Price $399.00

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